Everything you should know about Devilman before watching Devilman Crybaby @ Syfy Wire

In case you haven’t heard, Devilman Crybaby is now available to watch on Netflix, and it’s one hell of a ride. Aside from cementing its spot as what could be the best anime of 2018 thus far, it’s masterfully written, animated, and a fantastic watch. You may be more than a little down by the time you devour the paltry ten episodes, but you’ll be itching to watch again.

The Nintendo Labo is $70 of cardboard that could actually be worth it @ Syfy Wire

Nintendo has the fastest-selling console in U.S. history, with one of the best-selling games they've ever seen. Now the legendary gaming company has got its first exciting peripheral, made out of cardboard no less, and honestly, it looks kind of awesome.

Wolverine searches a hospital in second comic post-credit scene @ Syfy Wire

Wolverine just won’t stay down, be it in the movies (despite Logan’s brilliant closure) or the comics. Now he’s got just a little bit more to say -- just enough to build anticipation for the next time he rolls through town.

Exclusive: The X-Files director Kevin Hooks and 'Demon Judy' break down 'Plus One' @ Syfy Wire

SPOILER WARNING! This week's episode of The X-Files, "Plus One," discussed at length below.

Wait?! Did MSR (Mulder/Scully Romance) fans just see in "Plus One" what they've been hoping to see since the FBI agents lip-locked at the end of Season 8? Damn right they did, and all of that relationship goodness was mashed inside a classic-style X-File involving super creepy, Hangman-playing twins, Judy and Chuck.

Plus One might just be the most 'shippy episode ever made of The X-Files @ Syfy Wire

SPOILER WARNING! This is a recap of The X-Files' "Plus One," so the spoilers are out there.

I have to get this out of the way: Mulder and Scully slept together!!! Like, blatantly, no other way to interpret the situation. "Put a dimmer on your afterglow." Yes, I am a die-hard 'shipper, and Mulder and Scully were ridiculously cute this week.

The Boys casts The Seven, the most powerful and depraved superhero team around @ Syfy Wire

Nothing can out-Preacher Garth EnnisPreacher, they said. But they (whomever they are) were wrong. Which is why Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, creators and directors of the Preacher TV show, are tackling another Ennis comic, The Boys, for Amazon -- and now they’ve found their antagonists.

Objects in Space 1/17/18: Black Lightning's back @ Syfy Wire

I don't know about you all, but the first episode of Black Lightning premiered last night on the CW and I am officially obsessed. It's giving me everything I want from a network that is already growing beyond its origins and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Natch, all of today's links revolve around a very specific theme (I am gobbling up all the Black Lightning takes, please and thanks):

The Suicide Squad is back and there's Hell To Pay in first DC animated movie trailer @ Syfy Wire

The Suicide Squad is back in action this spring on Digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD. In their first DC Universe Animated Original Movie Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay, Task Force X is sent out by Amanda Waller in pursuit of Vandal Savage, and they've assembled one hell of a team.

Original Stephen King manuscripts lost in heartbreaking Bangor bookstore flood @ Syfy Wire

If you're a fan of books, especially the works of Stephen King, you'd better sit down before reading this.

Gerald Winters & Son, a fantasy and horror bookstore in King's hometown of Bangor, Maine that specializes in collector's editions of King's titles, has lost an estimated tens of thousands of dollars worth of books in a basement flood caused by a broken water pipe on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

Batman and Catwoman's Engagement Just Ran Into a Complication and Her Name Is Wonder Woman @ io9

As thoughtful and emotionally satisfying as writer Tom King’s recent run on Batman has been, one of the major drawbacks is that every time something even remotely good happens to someone, you know it won’t be long until some kind of twist of fate snatches their happiness away.


The Flash just name-dropped Earth-15. Here's what that could mean for the Arrowverse @ Syfy Wire

The latest episode of The CW's The Flash, "The Trial of the Flash," was largely about, well, the trial of the Flash. But there was also a metahuman subplot involving Fallout, a meta who is a walking nuclear bomb.

PSA: You Can Preorder Nintendo's LABO Kits Now, If You Want Them On Launch Day @ io9

Nintendo’s weird new Robot LABO kit is up for preorder on Amazon for $80, and if you want it on launch day (April 20), I’d recommend ordering it now. LABO kits are basically just fancy pieces of cardboard, so one would hope that we won’t see Nintendo’s signature supply shortages, but that’s probably just wishful…


10 life lessons I've learned from watching The X-Files @ Syfy Wire

With the 11th season of The X-Files now on our screens, it seems a good time to look back on all that's gone before and establish precisely what the series has taught us over the years.

Personally, I am old and decrepit enough to have seen the first season when it aired and my adult life has therefore been shaped by a slew of valuable life lessons imparted by various episodes.

Here we go.

The Good Place keeps reinventing itself, and that's a good thing @ Syfy Wire

More than halfway into its second season, The Good Place is shaking things up again. After the big reveal at the end of season one, in which our main cast of wayward characters unearthed the truth that they were actually in the Bad Place (in other words, Hell, albeit a special Hell of a certain making), speculation abounded over how the show would manage to top itself in terms of epic twists. In terms of huge changes, however, The Good Place isn’t even close to finished.

Elongated Man finally gets some new superhero duds on The Flash @ Syfy Wire

With Barry (Grant Gustin) now behind bars for the “murder” of Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) following what turned out to be a disastrous trial for the Fastest Man Alive, Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer), aka Elongated Man, will have to step up to the plate to protect Central City from a familiar foe on The Flash.

Stuff We Love: 2004 Star Wars novel Yoda: Dark Rendezvous is a masterful look at Padawans @ Syfy Wire

Sean Stewart’s 2004 Star Wars novel Yoda: Dark Rendezvous is the story of not one but two Padawans. Whie is strong in the Force, very much so, but he is tormented by nightmares. Scout is weak in the Force, and that makes her all the more determined to succeed. Their growing friendship is the heart of one of the best Star Wars novels ever written.

Thousands of Rare, First Edition Stephen King Books and Manuscripts Destroyed in Freak Accident @ io9

A Stephen King enthusiast has just been struck a terrible blow that a lot of other fans might feel once they hear the news. A large portion of a private collection of King works, which included original typed manuscripts of Maximum Overdrive and The Eyes of the Dragon, has been lost to an accident.


Straight Outta Hawkins: Ingrid Michaelson's next album inspired by Stranger Things @ Syfy Wire

We’ve heard of music makers being inspired by Stranger Things before, but not from anyone in the habit of turning out songs on Billboard’s Hot 100. But now singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson is hoping to bring Stranger-based pop to the masses.

The 10 Best Deals of January 17, 2018 @ io9

We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites of the day.


January 17 in Twilight Zone History: Celebrating the 1963 premiere of 'Valley of the Shadow' @ Syfy Wire

Today, January 17th, This Day in Twilight Zone History and The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia celebrate the 1963 premiere of "Valley of the Shadow."

Nintendo Announces Nintendo Labo, A Wild New Experiment For Switch @ io9

Nintendo today announced Nintendo Labo, a wild new experiment for the Switch that will allow players to insert the console into assorted pieces of cardboard, creating items like robots, fishing rods, and pianos.


Deadpool wishes Betty White a Happy Birthday in loving Deadpool fashion @ Syfy Wire

Like so many of us, Deadpool has a deep love for actress Betty White and the Golden Girls and he's taken some time out of his day to send a special message to the 96-year-old legend who may be the only woman out there who can drink him under the table.


Preview Titan Books' new The World Of The Orville @ Syfy Wire

Seth MacFarlane's space-faring comedy series, The Orville, recruited an impressive number of new fans for Fox as it concluded its first 12-episode season on December 7.

After Months of Wearing Grey Spandex, The Flash Is Finally Giving Elongated Man a Costume @ io9

So far, Flash’s take on Ralph Dibny has been stretching around as the Elongated Man in a costume that is as comical as Dibny himself can be. But, at long last, Ralph is getting something that looks a bit better than his light-grey spandex take on Daredevil season 1's costume.


Rewire Your Brain With This Discounted Weighted Blanket @ io9

Rian Johnson almost rewrote The Last Jedi after Carrie Fisher's death @ Syfy Wire

Rian Johnson, director/writer of The Last Jedi, had a strict vision in mind when he created the latest Star Wars film, but when tragedy struck, he almost changed everything.

***Spoilers below for The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens***

Firsts: Guillermo del Toro's first movie Cronos is a cult horror masterpiece @ Syfy Wire

Having just surfaced from The Shape of Water, Golden Globe winner Guillermo del Toro has undoubtedly proven himself as both a magician and master of horror. The tentacles of his imagination have extended into dark places, giving us everything from mutant cockroaches to a steampunk army of golden elves, but it was his first film venture, Cronos, that might also be one of his most exquisitely terrifying.

Alexander the Great and Xerxes Will Clash in Frank Miller's Long-Awaited 300 Prequel @ io9

In Frank Miller’s original 300 comic, it takes the Persian king Xerxes and his army of thousands three days to destroy the small Spartan force led by King Leonidas and go on to successfully invade and conquer Greece. But 300 creator Frank Miller wants to make sure we know Xerxes’ story doesn’t really begin with the…


Did the Black Lightning pilot confirm the show is set in the Arrowverse? @ Syfy Wire

The CW finally introduced its newest superhero series last night with the premiere of Black Lightning.

2017 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Nominees @ Locus Online

Romantic Times Book Reviews has announced the nominees for their 2017 Reviewers’ Choice Awards. There are over a dozen categories of SF/Fantasy/Horror interest.

The Book of the Year category includes The Prey of Gods (Harper Voyager) by Nicky Drayden.

Urban Fantasy Novel

  • Hungry Ghosts, Stephen Blackmoore (DAW)
  • Silence Fallen, Patricia Briggs (Ace)
  • All Those Explosions Were Someone Else’s Fault, James Alan Gardner (Tor)
  • Heroine Worship, Sarah Kuhn (DAW)
  • White Trash
...Read More

2017 Tiptree Fellowship Winners @ Locus Online

H. Pueyo and Ineke Chen-Meyer are the 2017 recipients of the Tiptree Fellowship. Each winner will receive a $500 grant, and work produced as a result of this support will be recognized and promoted by the Tiptree Award.

The fellowship program “will complement the on-going work of the Award — that is, the celebration of speculative fiction that expands and explores gender roles in thought-provoking, imaginative, and occasionally infuriating ways.” ...Read More

Inaugural TA First Translation Prize Shortlist @ Locus Online

The Queue by Basma Abdel Aziz (Melville House), translated by Elisabeth Jaquette, is among the six shortlisted works for the inaugural TA First Translation Prize.

The Translators Association (TA) First Translation Prize was founded by Daniel Hahn with his winnings from the International Dublin Literary Award and is given by the Society of Authors “for a debut literary translation into English published in the UK.” Entries for the 2018 prize ...Read More

What SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket means for America's space program @ Syfy Wire

This month (or maybe next), SpaceX will make history when it launches the Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time. It’s a huge deal in terms of space travel, but to really understand why, we have to look back at what’s been happening with NASA and space over the last few decades.

Shannara Chronicles canceled by Spike; being shopped to others @ Sci-Fi Storm

Cable network Spike, which re-brands itself as the Paramount Network tomorrow night, announced that it has dropped scripted series The Shannara Chronicles, which aired its second season on the channel after shifting from its sibling channel MTV.

Sonar Entertainment is reportedly shopping the show to other networks.

It previously announced that it canceled its first original drama, The Mist.

Parent company Viacom announced last February that it is re-organizing its portfolio of cable networks to focus on six “core” networks – BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., and Paramount. Paramount will become the flagship “general entertainment” brand. It remains to be seen what happens to some of its smaller channels, such as TV Land and CMT, but two planned series for TV Land, Heathers and American Woman, will be taken over by Paramount.

Get ready for Supernatural's 'Wayward Sisters' with the producers and cast @ Syfy Wire

Last we saw the Winchester Brothers, they'd been transported into an alternate dimension called "The Bad Place" after an attempt to rescue their mother from a different alternate dimension dubbed "Apocalypse World" went horribly awry. 

Suffice it to say, if you watch Supernatural you know what's happening. If you don't you won't need to in order to enjoy the mid-season premiere titled "Wayward Sisters" this Thursday.

An Alien first-person shooter will burst its way out of FoxNext Games @ Syfy Wire

Get ready to do your best impression of Bill Paxton (RIP) and shout "Game over, man! Game over!" again and again because a first-person shooter set in the Alien universe is in the works at FoxNext Games, the company announced Wednesday. This branch of 20th Century Fox, established in 2017, deals with the company's video games, virtual reality, and theme parks.

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus doesn’t pull punches over Carl's fate @ Syfy Wire

SPOILER ALERT! The Walking Dead Season 8 plot details fester below.

Exploring Love, Gender, and Sexuality, Sailor Moon Remains a Magical Manga @ Barnes & Noble: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Sailor Moon has shone like a beacon for over 20 years, the definitive magical girl. But today, 20 years after the original manga ceased publication, its remarkable to look back at the series and see just how it anticipated the modern-day discussions of gender and sexuality that have finally edged into the mainstream.

While comics and manga has evolved through the ages to offer more inclusivity and better representation, the Sailor Moon manga and anime hold their own as unique and beautiful depictions of love, friendship, sexuality, and gender identity still rarely seen in superhero culture. The varied iterations (the original manga, two iterations of the animated series) certainly have their differences, but the most consistent element seen in every version is love: Usagi’s love for her fellow Sailor Senshi, her love for her future husband Mamo, and even her love for her enemies. She is a superhero literally powered by love, making her one of the most altruistic heroines ever created.

In honor of Kodansha’s 2018 launch of Sailor Moon: Eternal Edition, Vol. 1, a definitive, newly retranslated and remastered reissue of Naoko Takeuchi original manga, we consider the ways Sailor Moon remains truly magical, even after decades. (Please note that the forms of representation we discuss below might not stand as shining examples to all people; we do, however, consider them in context and praise the effort.)

The Moonlight is a message of love

Love is an elemental in the Sailor Moon universe. Venus may be the Roman goddess and the planet associated with love, but it’s Usagi who truly champions it. Part of her ability to love comes from her naiveté, but even the most casual of Sailor Moon fans know it as not a fault, but the defining part of her persona. Obvious love lines can be drawn from Usagi to her now and future love, Mamo-chan/Tuxedo Mask, but the emotion is at its most poignant when directed toward her friends and fellow sailor scouts.

Though the Inner Senshi are meant to be guards to the princess, it is Usagi who continually saves their lives, and vice-versa. In Act 13 of the manga, Usagi stabs herself in despair of losing Mamo, apparently killing herself. Despite their shock, the other Senshi then sacrifice themselves by giving up their pins that grant them powers, reviving her. The selflessness of their love for their future queen is strong enough to bring Sailor Moon back from the brink of death, and once revived, Sailor Moon quickly returns that love, bringing back the Scouts as well. The theme of love and reincarnation runs rapid throughout the series.

After all, the Senshis, Sailor Moon, and Tuxedo Mask are all reincarnations of past versions of themselves. Love is the force to be reckoned with in this world. One could even argue Sailor Moon’s arsenal of weapons (or cute accessories, if you ask me) are powered by the love of her peers: the Moon Chalice, which makes its first appearance in Act 13, is filled with the cosmic powers of each Senshi, including the outers, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. In addition to acting as a weapon, the Chalice is also a healing agent, restoring Usagi and those around her. It’s even helped Sailor Moon evolve into her more rainbow clad alternate, Super Sailor Moon. The Chalice’s mystical properties are a clear nod to the transformative power of love.

More than cousins

If love is the mainstay in the Sailor Moon verse, then sexuality is its accomplice. Though Naoko Takeuchi’s stories are rarely explicit, the manga provides a strong depiction of a range of sexualities among the Sailor Scouts. There are several examples to point to, but Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are the first that come to mind; the two Outer Senshi are charged with protecting the solar system from external threats with the help of  Sailor Pluto. It’s a post that usually requires a life of solitude, but Uranus/Haruka and Neptune/Michiru, reborn as civilians of earth, find themselves falling in love with one another, and grow into one of the series’ iconic couples.

The presence of a queer couple in a group of super-powered women holds weight, for the same reason Wonder Woman’s bisexuality on Theymiscara holds weight. It’s male hubris to think these strong women would simply wait in solitude until a male lover comes along. They are beyond capable of finding love in each other.The manga explicitly shows the two Outer Senshi as lovers, but the U.S. animated series debut the character as cousins. Hand holding, starry eyed, cousins. Sure, Jan.

Several Sailor Moon baddies, including Fisheye and Zoisite, received similar treatments in the initial transition to U.S. television. Instead of being depicted as males with interests in other men, they were altered to be straight and, in Fisheye’s case, changed into a woman to fit the expectations of a heteronormative audience. The Sailor Starlights, a gender-changing cosmic band, received arguably worse treatment—their season wasn’t even aired in the U.S. (More on these cosmic bombshells later.)

The Senshi of War is Ace?

Sailor Mars is one of my favorite characters. Her flammable temperament and red pumps alone are slayage enough to takeover the galaxy. But one of the most intriguing elements of her character is her sexuality. Naoko Takeuchi has never explicitly labeled Rei as as Ace/Asexual, but there are signs that are hard to dismiss. Unlike the animated series, in which Rei is as boy crazy as Usagi, the manga shows a very different Sailor Mars; in fact, Rei may be the most drastically different character in the ’90s anime. In the manga, Rei doesn’t show any interest in men and is genuinely confused by her teammates need for love and relationships. Outside of the platonic relationship she shares with the other Senshi, Rei has no interest in romantic relationships at all. Her friendship with her fellow Sailor Guardians fulfills her.  In the short story “Casablanca Memory,” she has a short-lived crush on her father’s secretary, but it is clear Rei’s attraction to him is strictly as a replacement father figure. The Senshis form a literal and metaphorical rainbow, and if we view Rei as Ace, she represents an important part of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

Gender expression in the Senshi-verse

The treatment of gender expression is one of the most intriguing elements of Sailor Moon. There are a bevy of villains and superheroes who are gender fluid, expressing themselves as both sexes. In her civilian form, Sailor Uranus (Haruka) dresses as a male Mugen Academy student while taking on “masculine” hobbies, and even flirting with Usagi—eventually kissing her in her male civilian form. Nakoa Takeuchi has mentioned that only women can be Sailor Senshi. Haruka is both gender fluid and both sexes as Michiru/Sailor Neptune points out to Sailor Moon in the manga.

The most notable gender fluid characters are the Sailor Starlights. In the manga, the Starlights hail from a destroyed planet in search of their princess. To make finding her easier, they disguise themselves as men when in civilian form, even forming a boy band called the Three Lights (and, may I add, the band is everything). When the Starlights transform to their Senshi forms, they are all women. In the anime, the Starlights could make themselves biologically male, which angered Naokoa Takeuchi, as they were only meant to “express” themselves as males in civilian form.

Gender expression and fluidity certainly doesn’t stop with Sailor Uranus and the Starlights. Naoko’s use of varied gender expression is found throughout the Sailor Moon verse. It’s normalized. Both Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon have transformed themselves to men to accomplish a mission. Naoko has created a world in which women and men are free to express themselves outside of the heteronormative sphere in whichever way they choose. It’s yet another liberating element found in the lore of the Sailor Senshis, and more than enough reason to celebrate the series to this day.

Preorder Sailor Moon: Eternal Edition, Vol. 1, available in April 2018.

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Yesterday, I wrote about a star called W Hydrae that was once very much like the Sun, but is much older. It has expanded into a red giant, and is close enough (about 300 light-years away) that, using sophisticated techniques, we can actually see its disk.

I also wrote about how huge it is, about 600 million kilometers across. That's big.

But some stars make that look positively dinky. Like, say, V766 Centauri. How wide is this star?

The trial of Barry Allen does not go well in the latest Flash @ Syfy Wire

In a plot twist that mirrors an iconic story from the comics, Barry Allen is facing a murder sentence after being framed in the “death” of Clifford DeVoe. Put simply: This episode is basically Law & Order meets The Flash, and it’s pretty great.

Spoilers ahead for “The Trial of Barry Allen,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

My name is Barry Allen, and I’m an innocent man.” - Barry

Mary Elizabeth Winstead to play female lead opposite Will Smith in Ang Lee's Gemini Man @ Syfy Wire

Ang Lee's Gemini Man has traveled a long way through the development process, but with this latest casting news, the film is taking another big step.

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