10 Things You Might Not Know About John Carpenter's Cult Classic They Live @ io9

John Carpenter’s 1988 They Live is set in a dystopian version of Los Angeles where aliens are covertly controlling every aspect of human life. It stars a professional wrestler (Roddy Piper, who passed away last year) and contains one of the most epic fight scenes ever. Naturally, it’s a cult classic. But did you know ...


Why in God's Name Is Marvel Still Releasing New Captain America: Civil War Footage @ io9

In its ongoing attempt to release every single minute of Captain America: Civil War to the public prior to the film’s release this Friday, Marvel Studios has debuted yet another clip—although to be fair it’s absolutely some of the wildest footage we’ve seen.


This Historical Documentary on the First Independence Day Movie Is So Dumb and Amazing @ io9

So Fox made this video as part of the marketing campaign for Independence Day: Resurgence, and either no one there realizes how completely ridiculous the whole idea of a universe based on Independence Day is or someone does and has leaned into the campiness.


50 Movie Characters Who Understand Your Struggle With Writer's Block @ io9

This video is a— No, that’s not right...


An Artist's Rendering of the Only Scene Star Wars: Episode VIII Must Have @ io9

We know that Luke and Rey will be spending time together in Star Wars Episode VIII. And we can only hope it proves the fan theory that Luke really only knows how to train a Jedi the same way he was trained.


Guy Builds Tiny Jurassic Park For His Tortoise @ io9

The trademark main entrance, the visitor center and a damaged fence from Jurassic Park, all built around a lucky Leopard tortoise called Louie by Oliver Turpin.


Are There Already Plans for a Fourth Star Trek Film? @ io9

Kit Harington talks Game of Thrones. James Wan denies those Aquaman rumors. Arrow’s heading to the home city of a major comic book hero. Apocalypse undergoes some power changes in new X-Men Apocalypse clips. Plus Star Trek TV filming, and new Star Wars Episode VIII set pictures. Behold, Spoilers!


Is This Radiohead's New Song? [Updated: Yes It Is] @ io9

The band Radiohead erased itself from the internet earlier this week Or did it? Now, from the echoing empty chambers of the band’s blank slate of engagement, there is a new auditory experience.


Cole and Cassie travel 100 years, as the Red Forest begins in the latest 12 Monkeys @ Blastr

Cassie is still upset with Cole, as the two are forced (fate!) to head back to 1944 together in an effort to stop the messengers from killing someone.

Check Out the Difference Between 4K HDR Ultra HD and Blu-Ray @ io9

Check Out the Difference Between 4K HDR Ultra HD and Blu-Ray

This side-by-side comparison video of 4K HDR Ultra HD and Blu-Ray doesn’t show the true technological difference between the two (because things get lost in translation when it ends up as a video on YouTube) but it does illustrate how there is a visual difference between the two that go beyond just more resolution. 4K TVs are often disregarded because we can’t appreciate the resolution unless the screen was much bigger but with 4K allowing for high dynamic range, Ultra HD movies can pack a much better color punch.


TV THIS WEEK: Houdini & Doyle premieres, Person of Interest returns, and more! @ Blastr

This week, we get even more premieres and finales, including a brand new adventure series.

Thinking of moving? Scientists discover 3 potentially habitable planets @ Blastr

The universe just got a little bigger if humankind wants to stretch its space legs one day.

New images of the Millennium Falcon parked at Star Wars VIII's Ahch-To set @ Blastr

Here's the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy hanging out on the Star Wars VIII set in England.

Bryan Singer addresses complaints about Apocalypse @ Blastr

The director of X-Men: Apocalypse has opened up about everything that's supposedly wrong with his title villain.

These Drones Dancing in the Air Against a Mountain Look Like Real Life Space Invaders @ io9

These Drones Dancing in the Air Against a Mountain Look Like Real Life Space Invaders

Here’s a really fun drone ballet performed in front of Mount Fuji in Japan. The drones look a lot like and move a lot like the aliens you shoot down in the classic video game Space Invaders. The whole dancing drone thing is really cool (especially when set against the mountain) but what would be even cooler is if there were laser beams that could shoot them down in real life.


An Assassin Returns in a New Movie Produced by the Russo Brothers @ io9

The Russo Brothers, Anthony and Joe, are about to release Captain America: Civil War and have begun to prep Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2. They’re also going produce an adaptation of the graphic novel, Sexcastle, and a few new writers—who also happen to be a team of brothers—have just been hired.


VIDEO: The top 20 members of Marvel's New Mutants, ranked @ Blastr

Who's head of the class among Marvel's team of X-Men-in-training? Find out as we break down the best of the New Mutants.

Cable Was Almost in the First Deadpool Movie @ io9

The long gestation process for Daredevil means the script went through a lot of changes. Early on in the process, Fox actually wanted Cable, Deadpool’s grim, gun-toting, pouch-loving buddy, to co-star with the Merc with a Mouth—until Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld had his say.


M.A.S.K. gets a new comic reboot ahead of the Hasbro Cinematic Universe movie @ Blastr

M.A.S.K. crusaders will be working overtime, fighting crime once more in new comic revival series.

Watch the Black Panther vs. Bucky showdown in new Civil War clip, TV promos and video featurette @ Blastr

Ahead of the movie’s North American premiere, Marvel has released a new clip for Captain America: Civil War featuring an exciting fight scene between Black Panther and the Winter Soldier.

io9's Mission Isn't Over @ io9

Hello, I’m Rob Bricken. Some of you may know me as the guy who writes the FAQs, or the guy who hates everything, or a deluded SJW, or perhaps the person who will shortly be turning io9 into a garbage fire. I would like to present myself as something else—the new editor of io9.


Spring Reading: Doctor Strange, Kingdom Come 20th Anniversary, and 10 more graphic novels to discover in May @ Blastr

A spotlight on May's greatest graphic novel releases, from Doctor Strange to Little Nemo to the Louvre and more!

2015 Shirley Jackson Awards Nominees @ Locus Online

The 2015 Shirley Jackson Awards nominees have been announced. The awards are presented for outstanding achievement in horror, psychological suspense, and dark fantasy fiction.




  • “Even Clean Hands Can Do Damage”, Steve Duffy (Supernatural Tales Autumn ’15)
  • “The Thyme Fiend”, Jeffrey Ford (Tor.com 03/11/15)
  • “The Briskwater Mare”, Deborah Kalin (Cherry Crow Children)
  • “The Deepwater Bride”, Tamsyn Muir (F&SF 7-8/15)
  • “Fabulous Beasts”, Priya Sharma (Tor.com 7/27/15)


  • “Seven Minutes in Heaven”, Nadia Bulkin (Aickman’s Heirs)
  • “A Beautiful Memory”, Shannon Peavey (Apex 3/15)
  • “The Dying Season”, Lynda E. Rucker (Aickman’s Heirs)
  • “Wilderness”, Letitia Trent (Exigencies)
  • “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers”, Alyssa Wong (Nightmare 8/15)



The awards will be presented July 10, 2016 at Readercon 27 in Quincy MA.

A Supercut of Every Single Time Someone Says 'This City' in Daredevil's First Season @ io9

We’ve loved both seasons of Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil, but even the most diehard fans of the show might be sick of hearing people espouse about “this city!” every other sentence. To remind you just how prevalent this little phrase is, here’s the Daredevil supercut we’ve been waiting to see for ages.


When Will the Marvel Cinematic Universe End? @ io9

When Will the Marvel Cinematic Universe End?

Steven Spielberg thinks that superhero movies will go the way of the Western. As in, moviegoers will get tired of them and stop watching them and the movie studios will stop making them. That sounds hard to believe since slapping Marvel on anything basically guarantees a gazillion dollars but how long can this current Marvel Cinematic Universe of shared worlds over multiple movies feasibly go on for? When will it end? Can it really go on forever?


It's a Lonely Day on Jakku in This Majestic Star Wars Art @ io9

May 4th, a.k.a. May the Fourth Be With You Day, is almost here and the onslaught of celebratory Star Wars material has already begun. As usual, some of it will be crap, but these posters by Tim Doyle and Joshua Budich are not, and we’re excited to exclusively debut them.


Karl Urban says 'conversations are happening' for Dredd TV revival @ Blastr

With a potential film sequel seemingly not in the cards, the team behind the 2012 cult hit Dredd is apparently gauging interest for a small-screen adaptation.

DC unleashes new Rebirth costume designs for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more @ Blastr

DC Comics will be undertaking a “Rebirth” shakeup that will kick off later this month, and we’ve got a closer look at the new costume designs for DC’s Holy Trinity and more.

GLAAD Calls on Disney to Add LGBT Characters to Star Wars @ io9

Every year, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) releases a “Studio Responsibility Index” that analyses the visibility of LGBT characters in the last year of movies. It was not a great year for Disney—but GLAAD has pointed to a galaxy far, far away where they could easily make some improvements.


Heroic Scientists Want to Clean Up Cow Farts to Save the Planet @ io9

Most of us consider farts to be little more than a mild embarrassment. But cow farts (and burps) are a scourge upon the Earth, releasing heat-trapping methane that wreaks havoc on our climate. Now, heroic scientists want to put an end to global warming-by-flatulence once and for all.


The Airplane Seating Arrangement that Triggers 'Air Rage' @ io9

New research shows that the mere presence of a first class cabin on an airplane—plus the added experience of having to shuffle through this cabin while boarding—contributes to “air rage,” both among economy and first class passengers.


The World's Tiniest Light-Powered Engines Could Revolutionize Medicine @ io9

Nanomachines could revolutionize technology and modern medicine, if only we had viable power sources to make them move where we wanted them to go. Now scientists at the University of Cambridge have built the world’s tiniest engines, powered by light, as described in a new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Famous New York Buildings Make Way More Sense on These Alien Landscapes @ io9

Sometime in the near future, eleven of New York City’s most famous landmarks have gone missing. Soon, they start to turn up in the some of the most desolate locations on the planet—perched high in a red rock mountain range, buried in a white sand desert—but no one knows why.


Lebron James' Space Jam 2 May Actually Be Happening @ io9

Jokes and rumors about a Space Jam 2 starring Lebron James have been around for a long time. There were even points where it almost became a real thing. But now, we swear, it’s closer to real than ever—because director Justin Lin is even in talks to direct.


There Is Certainly Room in the Horror Universe for a New Puppet Master Movie @ io9

The original Puppet Master was released direct-to-video in 1989, but it became a cult sensation that spawned a franchise of sequels, prequels, spin-offs, toys, and comics. And since haunted puppets are evergreen (see also: Chucky), it looks like the Puppet Master series is about to get some major new big-screen love.


The Force Awakens Told by Emojis Is Both Adorable and Awesome @ io9

This week is May 4, which has more or less become an official Star Wars holiday. And what better way to kick it off than this cute and clever video? It’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens retold by emojis. We know, that sounds terrible, but trust us. It’s pretty great.


This Week's TV: What the Hell is Houdini & Doyle? @ io9

Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle team up to solve mysteries in a British-Canadian-U.S. co-production you’re probably only just hearing about! Person Of Interest’s fifth and final season! And what are these continuously promised deaths on Agents of SHIELD and Once Upon A Time? Let’s figure it out, on This Week’s TV!


Maze Runner sequel shuts down production indefinitely due to Dylan O’Brien’s serious injuries @ Blastr

Looks like Dylan O’Brien’s injuries are worse than we thought.

SpaceX has set a price list to haul satellites into space on Falcon rockets @ Blastr

With a solid track record of mostly successful launches (and landings!), SpaceX is is now gearing up to begin offering more of its services to the public at large. Well, corporations and research agencies, to be specific.

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time fantasy novels to be adapted for new TV series @ Blastr

The Hugo Award-nominated book series is headed to the small screen after legal disputes are cleared.

King Wins Edgar @ Locus Online

“Obits” by Stephen King (The Bazaar of Bad Dreams) won the Edgar Award for Best Short Story.

The 2016 Edgar Awards were presented by the Mystery Writers of America in a ceremony held April 28, 2016 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City.

As previously announced, Walter Mosley was named the 2016 Grand Master.

For more information, including the full list of nominees and winners, see their official website.

Black Gate Declines Hugo Nomination @ Locus Online

John O’Neill at Black Gate has declined the magazine’s Hugo Award nomination for best fanzine.

The announcement was made on Black Gate’s blog on May 1st, 2016, where O’Neill explained:

It’s clear that Black Gate largely benefited from Vox Day’s Rabid Puppy Hugo slate…. It also seems fairly obvious that we cannot win. Of the 61 nominees the Puppy ballots placed on the Hugo ballot last year, only one, Guardians of the Galaxy, received an award. The Rabid Puppy brand, which BG is now unwillingly associated with, is so toxic that it’s virtually impossible to overcome that association without the equivalent of a $100 million advertising campaign…. By giving up our very slim chance at winning, we can give another deserving publication a shot. That seems like a fair exchange to me.

Ernest Cline geeks out about Spielberg adapting Ready Player One @ Blastr

With his second video-game-themed novel, Armada, out now in paperback, author Ernie Cline talks Ready Player One and working with Spielberg

IDW Is Bringing M.A.S.K. Back to the World of Comics @ io9

It’s a good time for IDW and Hasbro. The Micronauts comic has just launched, Rom is on the way, there’s now a third revival happening between the two companies. Yes, the heroes-wearing-superpowered-masks-who-also-drive-transforming-vehicles series M.A.S.K. is driving into comic books as well.


Life and Death Are Hipsters in Love in This Short Film @ io9

Any longer than it is, and “Death Loves Life” would be just a bit too twee. But at under four minutes, the love between these personifications of life and death is just sweet.


Watch Alec Baldwin play bad guy in new trailer for dystopian sci-fi movie Andron @ Blastr

If you've ever wanted to see Alec Baldwin play a bad guy in a sci-fi movie, now's your chance.

Rumor of the Day: New Batman movie to have lots of villains, but won't adapt Under the Red Hood @ Blastr

Ever since Ben Affleck and Geoff John’s Batman's solo movie was officially announced by Warner Bros., thoughts have turned to the movie’s potential Big Bad. 

Here's Where Everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Stands at the Start of Phase 3 @ io9

Phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins this week when Captain America: Civil War is finally released. And though there hasn’t been a Marvel movie released since last year, much has changed in the universe in that time.


Watch this guy ride, and crash, his homemade Star Wars-style speeder bike @ Blastr

Ever since Luke Skywalker zipped off through the woods in Return of the Jedi all those decades ago, we’ve been dying for a real-life speeder bike. Well, this isn’t it — but it’s about as close as you can get right now.

Sega moving forward with Shinobi video game film adaptation @ Blastr

Video game developer Sega set up a development house approximately a year and a half ago to bring its properties to TV and film, and now we finally have word about the first project to make the cut. 

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