Creepy Trailer Alert: "The Scariest Norwegian Film Ever" Has A Sequel @ io9

Director Pål Øie's 2003 Dark Woods was voted "the scariest Norwegian film ever" by one of the country's biggest tabloids. So it's with no small fanfare that Dark Woods 2 is here, and thankfully has abandoned its predecessor's reality TV framework for a much spookier setting: an abandoned hospital.


There May Be A Disease That Makes An Octopus Eat Its Own Arms @ io9

Here's a horror with which to start your weekend. Multiple octopuses have been spotted engaging in autophagy — otherwise known as self-eating. They will consume their own arms, and no one knows why.


Is Transformers the next mega-franchise? @ Sci-Fi Storm

First, there was the Marvel Cinematic Universe…then, Disney re-invigorated and extended Star Wars…and Warner Bros has been rallying around their Justice League plans. Now paramount wants in on the mega-franchise phenomenon. Could it be Star Trek? Not quite (but more on that in another story…), but it certainly could be more than meets they eye…

Word is that Paramount Pictures has tapped Akiva Goldsman to start planning with director Michael Bay and lay out the groundwork to transform their Transformers franchise, with an epic core and spin-off movies, similar to what Disney is doing for Star Wars.

Despite the almost universal criticism for the most recent installment, it was still one of the top grossing films of 2014, so its no wonder that Paramount is trying this…but hopefully they come up with better stories before the allspark loses power…

Welcome back, Mr. Bond: Here's the first official teaser trailer for Spectre @ Blastr

The first teaser trailer for the newest 007 flick, Spectre, has finally landed. So, is it glorious? Maybe. Daniel Craig reprises the role of the world’s most famous womanizing spy for the fourth time here with Spectre. Despite the initial worldwide uproar in the wake of his casting, Craig has quickly become one of our favorite Bonds ever.

The first teaser trailer is short on cool gadgets, chases and explosions, but it's high on suspense, and the direct repercussions from the events of Skyfall are being felt. Plus, we have a look at Bond's sweet new Aston Martin. Check it out:

Below is the movie synopsis:

In SPECTRE, a cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.

Directed by Sam Mendes, with a script penned by John Logan, Spectre stars Daniel Craig, Monica Belluci (The Matrix Revolutions), Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter), Ben Wishaw (Skyfall), Léa Seydoux (La Belle et la Bête), Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), Christoph Waltz (The Zero Theorem), Naomie Harris (Skyfall), Rory Kinnear (Penny Dreadful) and Andrew Scott (Sherlock).

Spectre will hit theaters and IMAX screens on November 6, 2015. Welcome back, Mr. Bond. We missed ya.

The New City Of Babel @ io9

To an outside observer, the city of Babiru looked chaotic. But when the only direction a city can build is up, its inhabitants learn the history behind every single story. Concept art by Nivanh Chanthara from his project Babiru.


What's James Bond's Darkest Secret? First Teaser Trailer For SPECTRE! @ io9

The first teaser trailer for the new James Bond movie, Spectre, raises more questions than it answers. What's the secret that James Bond won't share with anyone, because he won't trust anyone? And why is James Bond venturing into the shadowy world of secret organizations?


All Hail Opportunity Rover, Future Martian Terror @ io9

Back in 2010, XKCD's Randall Munroe devoted a surprisingly moving webcomic to Spirit, NASA's ill-fated and ultimately abandoned Mars rover. Today's comic is about Spirit's twin, the apparently indomitable Opportunity, and its tone is markedly less sentimental.


AMC dubs companion series Fear The Walking Dead @ Sci-Fi Storm

We learned from our friends over at Fanbolt that the name of the companion series to AMC’s The Walking Dead has been named: Fear The Walking Dead.

The news came from creator and producer Robert Kirkman himself via Twitter:

The companion show will be set in Los Angeles and have all new characters. It stars Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam Carey. Co-creator/co-writer (with Robert Kirkman) Dave Erickson will executive produce and act as showrunner. The Walking Dead production gang of Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero and David Alpert will also executive produce.

What Do You Do With Your Old Books? @ io9

Whether your books are electronic or paper, it's a problem every reader runs into at some point: What do you do with a book after you've read it?


Akiva Goldsman is turning Transformers into the next Marvel-style connected universe @ Blastr

It seems like everyone is wanting to jump on the connected universe bandwagon in the wake of Marvel’s runaway success, and now Paramount plans to mold the playbook onto a property that’s already a proven hit. What could go wrong?

Deadline reports that Paramount has tapped Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind, Fringe) to team up with the Transformers' longtime director Michael Bay to develop the brand into a massive universe filled with spinoffs. Executive producer Steven Spielberg and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura will also be part of the brain trust. The move is said to be along the same lines of what Warner Bros. is doing with its DC Comics properties and what Disney is doing with Star Wars (and, of course, Marvel).

The next step is apparently to create a writers room to "incubate ideas" for some additional Transformers sequels, along with some new spinoff films to fill the release void between tentpoles (see: Star Wars). Goldsman is apparently taking on a key role in the creative process and will be mapping out a lot of the big-picture stuff. It sounds like it also falls to him to ensure Michael Bay has a new Transformers script commissioned and ready to roll once he’s finished directing 13 Hours.

Obviously, the Transformers franchise has proven to be a box-office juggernaut, so it's not a surprise the studio would want to double (and triple, apparently) down on what they know should sell. Bad reviews or not, Transformers is a bankable tentpole sci-fi franchise that is only gaining steam after the semi-reboot that introduced Mark Wahlberg into the fold with last year’s Age of Extinction

But the big question — can this franchise actually support this many films? Creatively, that’s a tough question to answer, because the first four films weren’t that well-known for their storytelling. One of the things that kind of made the franchise so buzzy was the fact that we only got a new one about every three or so years. If they crank them out back to back, will it lose some of its luster? Only time will tell, but it looks like we’ll find out soon.

What do you think? Can Transformers support a massive, connected universe?

(Via Deadline)

Exclusive: Rafael Albuquerque shows off EI8HT #3, and talks about the book's future @ Blastr

If you haven't read the first two issues of Dark Horse's Ei8ht, you're missing out on a time-travel adventure that involves dinosaurs, Nazis, a bit of a Mad Max vibe and a lot of cool science fiction.

From the mind of Brazilian artist Rafael Albuquerque -- who created American Vampire with Scott Snyder and worked on Batman: Black and White and Blue Beetle -- the five-issue miniseries expands on the Tune 8 webcomic that ran on Brazilian outlet IG. Co-written with Mike Johnson, the comic focuses on chrononaut Joshua, who, in order to secure medicine to save his ailing wife, agrees to travel in time to commit murder. However, things don't go as planned when he ends up in The Meld, "a temporal trash can" where all time exists at once.

With issue #2 hitting stands last week, Albuquerque joined us in the following to give a primer on the book for newcomers, as well as provide an exclusive preview of the third issue, available April 15. 

What is the Meld? Is it a time or place?

The Meld is pretty much a "temporal trash can," a place in time where everything that ever walked (or will walk, at some point) on the face of Earth can coexist. The concept is that Earth has some temporal portals. So the Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge, and many other misterious places like those, can connect different time lapses. These connections might have residues, and these go to the Meld. That makes it incredibly interesting to create and draw stories for, since we can pretty much have anything we like in there. 

Who are the characters we should get to know, and what should we know so far about their motivations?

Our main character is Joshua, a man from the future, who's recruited to this suicide mission in order to have his ill wife cured. Our future is dark and segregated by this mysterious disease that managed to affect only the ones who are not able to afford a cure. The disease is used as a population-control tool. The point here is: Once you understand that time works in infinite loops, how can you break this cycle to save the only person you love? That's what guides our hero. His journey also leads us to Nila, my personal favorite character. She is a badass girl from the Meld who challenges the tribe she lives in in order to fight with this tyrant government that subdue the weaker tribes. The government is ruled with the influence of General Spear, a key character who connects everybody in our plot.

Will we we continue to bouncing around our timeline throughout the series?

Yes. We will show our present time, in a way we can connect more with the readers, and see how it can be connected to the other time lapses. Everything is connected!

What was the origin of this concept?

It's funny how we just sophisticate old ideas and make it something completely different. The very first idea I had was in my teens. It was a fantasy story, where a World War II pilot got lost in the Bermuda Triangle, and was transported to this savage land, with dinosaurs and medieval knights. Looking back, that's pretty much what Ei8ht is, but with a sci-fi dress. So, many years later, I was invited to do this weekly webcomic for a major portal here in Brazil. I had not much time to create something from the scratch, so I just tried to adapt that old idea, and do it quickly. The use of the colors are like this because I had no time to do anything else more sophisticated. Since I would have to be simple, it should have an extra importance on the project. The original webcomic came out in 2011, and it was called Tune 8.

How is this different from your Tune 8? 

The idea is the same, and where the story goes too. But the way it happens is very different -- a bit because I could see what worked and what didn't on the first try, and a lot because of the format. A weekly webcomic must have a hook in every page to keep the reader interested. A five-issue miniseries doesn't read the same way. We can develop the sequences a lot more, and bring stuff that could never be on the original idea. We definitely have a lot more freedom in this new format.

How would you describe you artistic approach for the book?

It's impossible to not mention the colors here. It plays a major role in our book. So, as much as the art is pretty much what I do normally, the colors make it feel completely different than anything else I've ever done. This is a book that would never work with regular colors, or black and white. We tried to explore it as a storytelling tool.

What are your favorite time-travel stories?

Well, Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies ever. So is Jurassic Park, which is not a time-travel story, but deals with the idea of clashing different time periods and how it can be dangerous. I love 12 Monkeys, Planet of the Apes and Land of Lost. I can't deny a huge influence of these movies in our project at all.

You've worked with Stephen King on American Vampires, so have you read his work DarkTower? And did you ever discuss this kind of idea with him?

Shame on me. I didn't. I've read The Shinning, Carrie and Under the Dome. He is amazing, but it's so hard to catch up. He writes faster than I read!

We're revealing the first four pages from issue 3, so what can you tell us about what happens in this issue? 

Definitely. In this issue we learn more about the Meld and how Joshua's future was infected by the scourge. This is the issue where we see how these characters are connected through time. 

How does issue #3 change things and propel us forward?

The Meld is a mysterious place, and obviously it has raised a lot of questions to the readers. Who is the voice on Joshua's radio? What happened in the future, and why was Joshua was sent? What's the relation with the number written on Joshua's arm with the rebel's symbol? Major turning points happen in this issue that will answer some of these questions.

This is a five-issue arc, but is there any word on another volume? What would you like to explore if you do get one?

Dark Horse is interested. Mike Johnson and I are interested. We are right now throwing some ideas on the table. We surely have many more stories to tell in this universe. We are just figuring out which one of these stories will make more sense for this next volume. We couldn't be more excited about it!

Before you check out our exclusive preview, read up on the official synopsis for issue #3 of Ei8ht:

As Dr. Hamm and the black-ops soldier Collins try to survive in the prehistoric past, the fierce warrior Nila and the chrononaut Joshua attempt to convince the rebel council to take up arms against the Tyrant before he releases a dangerous scourge and wipes them all from the face of the Meld!

Artist animates posters for Hellraiser, Halloween, The Thing + 18 more horror classics @ Blastr

Here's a mesmerizing gallery of horror movie one-sheets injected with a subtle shot of animation by Imgur wizard SamRAW08.  With some sly eye-candy added to each artwork, essential sci-fi and supernatural films like Poltergeist, Basket Case, Halloween, It, Hellraiser, The Thing, Evil Dead 2, Re-Animator, Child's Play and Fright Night become living advertisements animated using a touch of snowflakes, chomping jaws, flickering flames and crackling TV static. 

Take a look and tell us which posters benefit most from the eerie enhancements.

(Via Dread Central)

Guess who's back? A fan favorite is returning for NBC's Heroes Reborn @ Blastr

Heroes Reborn is going through some changes. The reboot has added several actors to its cast and moved its premiere date. Originally, the show was supposed to debut this summer, but the network's decided to push it back.

NBC has bumped the series to fall 2015. That means it will face heavy competition from the season's regular programming. Perhaps that's why they've brought in one of Heroes' most notable stars, Masi Oka. Oka portrayed Hiro Nakamura, who alongside Milo Ventimiglia's Peter Petrelli and Hayden Panettiere's Claire Bennet, were the faces of the original series.

“I’m excited to return to my Heroes roots,” said Oka. “Hiro Nakamura was such an inspirational role to play, and I’m hoping the fans will enjoy seeing him back on TV.” Heroes creator Tim Kring also chimed in, “We are thrilled to have Masi back in the Heroes family. The character of Hiro Nakamura was such a huge part of the first series’ success, and a gigantic fan favorite. We felt the fans would really love seeing him back in action again.”

Oka won't be the only old-school actor in the mix. He'll join Jack Coleman, who's reprising his role as Noah Bennet (the man in the horn-rimmed glasses). The duo will usher in a group of newcomers including Zachary Levi, Ryan Guzman, Robbie Kay, Danika Yarosh, Judith Shekoni, Kiki Sukezane, Henry Zebrowski and Gatlin Green.

Heroes Reborn is a limited series event that will run for 13 episodes.

Will you tune in for Oka/Hiro's return?

(via TVLine)

There's some explosive new footage in this new Terminator: Genisys extended promo @ Blastr

A new extended TV spot for Terminator: Genisys has been released online, featuring our first real look at J.K. Simmons’ detective character.

The "Help" TV spot (which looks more like a mini-trailer to us) has a tiny spark of humor to it amid the chaos, thanks to Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons’ character, Detective O’Brien, who shares a great line with Emilia Clarke’s (Game of Thrones) Sarah Connor. There’s also some darker stuff coming straight from the mouth of Sarah’s son John (Jason Clarke) -- "It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. There's a storm coming. And it won't be stopped" -- as well as new footage and some shots that look like they're right out of a previous Terminator film. Check it out:

Here’s a detailed synopsis:

The beginning of Terminator: Genisys, the first of three planned films that Paramount hopes will relaunch the beloved sci-fi franchise, is set in 2029, when the Future War is raging and a group of human rebels has the evil artificial-intelligence system Skynet on the ropes. John Connor (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Jason Clarke) is the leader of the resistance, and Kyle Reese (Divergent‘s Jai Courtney) is his loyal soldier, raised in the ruins of post apocalyptic California. As in the original film, Connor sends Reese back to 1984 to save Connor’s mother, Sarah (Game of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke), from a Terminator programmed to kill her so that she won’t ever give birth to John. But what Reese finds on the other side is nothing like he expected.

Terminator: Genisys stars Arnold "I'll be back" Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, Emilia Clarke, Matt Smith, Byung-hun Lee, Courtney B. Vance and J.K. Simmons. It is set to be released on July 1. What did you think of this new extended promo? Are you looking forward to the newest entry in the Terminator movie franchise?

(via Comic Book Movie)

These Birds Really Do Use "Spanish Fly" To Get Laid @ io9

Spanish fly isn't just a mythical drug. It's a real thing , and these male birds use it to get females to mate with them. Learn how spanish fly works, but only when males take it.


Deadspin Aaron Hernandez's Fiancée Testifies, Doesn't Flip On Him | Jalopnik A Train From 1836 Could @ io9

A Short Comic About The Time New York Outlawed Pinball @ io9

Pinball may seem today like one of the most innocent of pastimes, but in 1942, the game was banned in New York City. Why? And what happened to all those machines? This short comic by Julia Wertz has the answer.


Archer Gang Gets "Dr. Shrinkered" On What Could Be Their Last Mission @ io9

Archer's sixth season is almost over, with the first of a two-part finale seeing the blundering super spies and assorted hangers-on being miniaturized and injected into a comatose scientist. "Drastic Voyage: Part One" (blorp!) mixes high-stakes danger with goofy references ... a classic Archer recipe for success.


Tropical Regions Are Getting Wetter Thanks To Bigger Thunderstorms @ io9

Climate scientists are reporting that increasing rainfall in the world's warmest and wettest regions are being fueled by a recent surge in large, well-organized thunderstorms.


Which "Lovable" Villain Is Actually Terrifying When You Think About It? @ io9

Science fiction and fantasy are full of straight-up scary villains. But then there are the lovable ones, who are too quirky and goofy to seem really threatening. They start to become part of the gang, even. But they're still horrible people. Which "lovable" villain is actually horrifying if you think about him or her?


Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch share the spotlight with new footage in the latest Avengers: Age of Ultron featurette @ Blastr

An awesome new video featurette for Avengers: Age of Ultron has been released, with the spotlight being put on "The Twins": Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch (Elisabeth Olsen).

The new video features "Super Siblings" Pietro and Wanda Maximoff in action, running circles around Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and literally messing with our team’s minds. It’s really exciting to see the super-speed Quicksilver possesses (he's as fast as a speeding bullet) and how Olsen’s Scarlet Witch wields her equally cool telekinetic powers. The brand-new featurette also includes some cool new footage, as well as interviews with Taylor-Johnson, Olsen, Chris Evans and director Joss Whedon. Have a look:

What do you think of the featurette? Are you looking forward to seeing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch rock their amazing powers on the big screen?

Avengers: Age of Ultron also stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Paul Bettany and James Spader. It's set to hit theaters on May 1.

(via Comic Book Movie)

Transformers To Become Marvel-Style Connected Movie Universe, Sigh @ io9

Everyone wants to copy Marvel's multi-layered, money-making set-up. Now Deadline is reporting that Paramount has hired Akiva Goldsman to "ramp up" Transformers output, which means if you thought the Transformers franchise was already stretched to the breaking point, hold on to your hat.


Thank The Maker, Dragon Age Is Finally Getting The 1/6 Scale Treatment @ io9

Bioware's fantasy video game franchise Dragon Age is no stranger to the figure world — there's been a few in various sizes. But it's about time that someone got round to bringing the series to ultra-detailed, 1/6th scale glory it deserves. Step up Alistair, from ThreeZero!


Cosplay we Love: Metroid's amazing Samus Arun powersuit @ Blastr

Check out this excellent Samus Arun powersuit outfit from Nintendo's sci-fi adventure gaming franchise Metroid.  A favorite shooter series on Game Boy handhelds and Super NES, Nintendo DS and Gamecube systems, Metroid followed the exploits of the female bounty hunter Samus Arun and her lethal arm cannon.  This cosplay creation from d-slim, with photos by Andrew Mori, shows off Samus's sleek cybernetic suit in rainbow shades of futuristic, form-fitting armor.  No word on whether it can roll up into a ball.

Have a look and tell us if it primes you to pull out your old Nintendo console and power it up.

(Via Geek Tyrant)

Rumor of the Day: CBS wants Star Trek to finally return to TV @ Blastr

It's been nearly 10 years since Enterprise ended its TV run, and it seems like ever since then we've heard constant rumors about a return to TV for Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry's sci-fi touchstone began on the small screen, after all, and many fans would argue that's still where the best work done in the franchise lies, despite a slew of films that now include a big-budget reboot courtesy of J.J. Abrams. When the Abrams era of Trek began a few years ago, it seemed that the Powers That Be were only interested in big-screen revenues for the franchise, but rumors of a small-screen revival persisted, including one a few months ago that Netflix was interested in bringing Trek back to its long-form roots. Now reports of Star Trek coming back to TV are heating up again.

According to Latino Review, CBS "is looking to bring Star Trek back to TV," and while we don't know yet exactly when this revival could happen, or what form it could take, it comes courtesy of a site that's produced plenty of rumors that turned out to be legitimate. So, you know, take it with a grain of salt, but don't lose hope.

The Latino Review report focuses specifically on an abandoned TV pitch called Star Trek: Federation, brought forward by producers Geoffrey Thorne (LeverageLaw & Order: Criminal Intent), Robert Burnett (who's worked on a number of Star Trek documentaries and is producing the fan film Star Trek: Axanar), Bryan Singer (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Christopher McQuarrie (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation). That series would've seen the Trek timeline move into the future, beyond Deep Space Nine and Voyager, to a time when the Federation was becoming fractured and "complacent." It would've re-defined the Trek paradigm by basically breaking up the Utopia presented by the original Federation, and thus would've offered plenty of new storytelling opportunities. 

We don't know if CBS is actually interested in following up on Federation, but according to this report the network is interested in bringing Singer back to develop a new series, and McQuarrie was still interested in Trek as early as last December (though Rogue Nation is foremost on his mind at the moment). The report also notes that the success or failure of Axanar could be a key point in the decision-making process, because it could prove Trek is still viable without a big-screen budget. However it all shakes out, if this report is true, Star Trek could finally be on its way to the small screen again.

Head over to Latino Review and read the rest of the details HERE.

(Via Latino Review)

The 12 Plot Ideas That Every Single Classic TV Show Did To Death @ io9

Making a TV show is a terrible grind — especially back in the day, when shows were entirely made up of standalone episodes. So it's no wonder that so many classic shows reached for the same handful of plots, over and over. Here are 12 storylines you'll find in every old science fiction and fantasy show.


The Walking Dead spin-off has an official (dumb) name. @ io9

The Walking Dead spin-off has an official (dumb) name. Creator/producer Robert Kirkman tweeted it will be call Fear the Walking Dead, in case, you know, you thought it might be Annoy the Walking Dead, Hug the Walking Dead or even Be Ambivalent About the Walking Dead.


College students built a device that can put out fire with sound @ Blastr

We all know how a fire extinguisher works, but what if you could quell the flames with nothing more than thumping bass? File this one under one of the coolest class projects ever.

George Mason University students Viet Tran and Seth Robertson spent $600 of their own money to build a prototype to prove it was possible to use sound waves to put out fires, and their little device could potentially lead to tech that might save lives in the future. The kit consists of a 20-pound shoulder pack to generate sound waves, and a canister to direct the waves.

According to the duo, low-frequency sounds like the thumping bass in rap tunes seem to work best to put out fires. The team tested the equipment on grease fires (which are extremely dangerous and can get worse if you douse them with water). It could also have applications in spacecraft, as a safer tool to extinguish accidental fires. Tran and Robertson have already patented their design and hope to take it to market within the next year.

Check out the amped-up fire extinguisher in action below and let us know what you think:

(Via Gizmodo)

Chris Carter on the balance of mythology to standalone episodes in X-Files revival @ Blastr

After years of fans begging for more, Fox has finally pulled the trigger and resurrected cult hit The X-Files for a six-episode miniseries that will (hopefully) wrap up some lingering storylines. So, what does creator Chris Carter have to say about the revival?

Fans are clamoring for details on what Carter will do with six fresh hours to fill with Mulder and Scully, with some wanting the season to wrap up the unfinished invasion storyline, while others are pushing for more standalone episodes. Considering that the series excelled at both, Carter teased they’re planning a mix for this mini-run. Here’s what he told The Daily Beast in the wake of Fox’s announcement:

“There are no scripts yet! But yes, I will be overseeing them, but with several people who have been working on the show over the years … I like to think that anyone can enter this without much of a run-up. That said, you don’t want to have to hit the hardcore fans over the head getting them up to speed.

I do, actually [have the arc mapped out]. I know what I want to do, how I want it to lay out—the balance of mythology to stand-alone episodes. Even though none of us have had contracts, I’ve only had one since yesterday, the people that are going to be involved have been talking since the beginning of the year, so we have a clear idea of how this should be, or the best way we think this should be laid out.”

If Carter & Co. can strike that balance, it’ll hopefully make most fans happy. Within a six-hour framework, there’s definitely time to answer some of those dangling questions and still introduce some intriguing new stories. But what about once these six episodes are over? Is Carter interested in making more? Yes, but he wants to get through these first six before he thinks too far ahead. Good call.

“Every day I turn on the radio in the morning, I hear an X-Files story, or I pick up the paper and I see an X-Files story. So yes, the Mulder and Scully in my head are always switched on… First things first, we just want to do six great episodes. We’re all primed to do that, there are great stories to tell, and now it’s just distilling it down to telling the best stories possible in the time we have.”

What would you like to see from the new season of The X-Files (we've already chimed in with our recommendations)? Mythology? Standalone stories? A mix?

(Via The Daily Beast)

Earth 2: World's End #25: The unstoppable Darkseid and the penultimate issue @ Blastr

Every week, we speak with author Daniel H. Wilson for a detailed recap of Earth 2: World’s End, the weekly DC Comics title he’s spearheading about an alternate earth devastated by its prolonged war with Apokolips. The comic is instrumental in the lead-up to the publisher's upcoming Convergence event, and in this Blastr exclusive we explore the issue with Wilson -- and offer a sneak peek at what readers can look for in its final installments.

In the penultimate installment of our weekly talk, Daniel H. Wilson reflects back on how he has evolved as a comics writer over the course of the title, while also providing numerous hints about Earth 2: Society and Convergence, and provides details about his graphic novel Quarantine Zone.

Before we get into the issue, it was revealed this week that you're working with DC Comics and Alloy Entertainment on a graphic novel called Quarantine Zone, due January 2016. This is a stand-alone graphic novel?

That's correct. DC had this concept, which is really simple: Evil is a virus that people can catch. What does that world look like? What are the stories that take place there? At the same time that I was working on Earth 2: World's End, I was writing Quarantine Zone. At this point, it's written. There's still a ways to go, but for my part, I've finished. It was like writing a comic, but also like a film script. I wrote a treatment describing everything that was going to happen first, then scripted it out. It was very cool and different than anything I've worked on.

Is this a future set within the DC Comics Universe? And how is this playground different than Robopocalypse and Earth 2?

I don't know if Quarantine Zone exists within the larger DCU. We didn't talk about that. I suppose it is possible, but it is a self-contained story and world. It is more biologically driven, and about the transmission of this virus. The story doesn't revolve around robots or A.I. or superheroes. It is really grounded in biology. It all boils down to an emotional story, and the themes -- when you're talking about good and evil, or the freedom to commit evil acts -- are so fixed. They're low-hanging fruit, and I had a great time telling the emotional story.

This is your third comic-book story. Is this a medium you see yourself laying down long-term roots within?

Absolutely. I am trying to get better and better at this. Every time I pick up a new project, I'm trying to figure out ways to up my game. I'm in Portland, and out here with guys like Paul Tobin, Matt Fraction, so I've got a long ways to go before I'm competing with guys like that. But I'm doing my best to try.

How have you upped your game from the first issue of Earth 2: World's End to now?

As a writer, you always look at the things your wrote and kick yourself, and wish you'd done it better. You see a million flaws. I started out as a scientist and got used to looking very critically at my work, and having others tear it apart and tell me how I could have done it better. So I don't tend to be too precious about it. After World's End was over, I went into Burbank, met with my editors and asked how I could have been better. I would have done that no matter what. From those notes, from talking to friends, from continuing to read more and more, I am looking for a million ways to make work more personal, meaningful, thrilling, and just better. 

Was there anything they told you to do better?

Every project is different, and the challenges change. One big challenge of Earth 2: Society is doing serious world-building with an ensemble cast. It is a tough act to pull off because you don't have the liberty of just diving into one character and letting them carry the series. It is so complex dealing with all these characters and hitting their personality perfectly, and pushing them along. And also carrying along 12 or 15 other characters in 20 pages. I'm just trying to gear up and do my best with every issue.

Who are some characters in World's End you wish you'd have more time with?

Flash, definitely. And Aquawoman, too. I would have like to continue exploring the story of what happened in Atlantis while all this was going on. There's just not enough room. The other person I haven't got to explore that much is Captain Steel. We saw him coming out of the fire pits before I started writing. He seemed so ready to do cool stuff, but we have bigger mouths to feed, and only so many pages.

What about characters you really made a mark on?

Well, the characters nearest and dearest to me were the ones I was writing every week, instead of just breaking stories for. Absolutely Terry Sloan, Mister Terrific, Jimmy Olsen, Mister Miracle, Fury. Those were the ones I wrote and felt most connected to. As a result, those characters will have a major impact in Earth 2: Society. I just wrote eight pages of the first issue, and they'll certainly play a major role.

Has it been difficult moving forward with Society while keep straight what happened in World's End?

What's crazy is I know these characters better than my relatives at this point. If I was in a room with 30 of these characters, I'd recognize them faster than my extended family. I actually don't have any trouble pinning them down. The only issue is figuring out what happens to some of them during Convergence, because I'm not completely informed on that yet. 

I feel like I've previously said "all hell is breaking loose," but there is a double splash page early on in #25 that sets a tone for the issue.

If you base the amount of hell breaking loose on the number of double splashes, then it is certainly breaking loose in this issue. There are so many in this. This is when Earth-2 is throwing everything it has got, big and small. Johnny Thunder is coming out to fight, Aquawoman on a giant space eel, everyone is coming out to rescue these ships. This is the last gasp.

It's a small moment with Dick Grayson and Thomas Wayne in this issue, both in the same stance with teeth gritted. Is this foreshadowing?

They're fighting shoulder to shoulder, and it is definitely foreshadowing that they're going to have a continued relationship in Convergence. We'll have to see how that plays out.

Talk about the dynamics of the fight between Kara, Val and Darkseid, and what we should take away from this moment.

This is where Kara gets to give Darkseid everything she's got, and find out if it's enough. Val gets forcefully ejected through the sub-surface of Apokolips and thrown towards the surface of the earth. As he wakes up, while he's falling, the first thing he does is save the main escape ship. Val immediately turns into the role of protector. He's playing defense and saving lives; he's using his power, not to destroy, but preserve life. Once again you see Kara indulging in the destructive power she has. These kinds of roles the Kryptonians are falling into are, again, going to be continued in Earth 2: Society. We'll see how those philosophies play out.

Two heroes try to use their powers against Darkseid, as do the other heroes. So, is he unstoppable?

I think that's the point of this issue, really. He can't be stopped. It is really fun to see all the action, and see how they try to stop him, but this is World's End, man. There is no stopping Darkseid. We get to the last issue and see that, and wonder how the hell this is going to end. 

I want to point out that I called the use of Sloan's multidimensional ships as an escape possibility. But Sloan says, "Don't say I never helped save humanity." It is true, so is he a hero?

It is so hard to tell with him. I think he's a hero, but he's so complicated that it'd be hard for everyone to call him a hero. Anyone who makes it on that ship owes their life to Terry Sloan.

Well, we have the ships, but Darkseid's forces are keeping the people from reaching them. So, is this Green Lantern's sole task?

Absolutely, it is all on Alan Scott for issue #26. This is going to be about him trying to figure out a way to save humanity or not.

Next week: The epic finale of Earth 2: World's End, and our final interview with Wilson, who will be joined by Marguerite Bennett and Mike Johnson!

A Beginner's Guide to Navy-Strength Rum @ io9

The Royal Navy's successful invasion of Jamaica in 1655 had a lot of terribly negative outcomes. The commanders ended up in the Tower of London. Many of the English sailors fell sick or starved. A lot of Spanish settlers died. But there was one undeniably positive outcome: rum.


An FBI Profiler Explains The Psychology Of Breaking Bad's Walter White @ io9

In the latest episode of Vanity Fair's "Psych of a Psycho" YouTube series (previous subjects include Game of Thrones' "hideous and vile" juvenile criminal King Joffrey), host Candice DeLong, a former FBI profiler, breaks down the psychology of Breaking Bad's Walter White.


Listen To Every Single Musical Genre, Ever @ io9

If you've ever wanted to hear the difference between traditional funk and Memphis soul, or understand where they fit in the context of more than 1300 musical genres, you might want to clear your schedule. An interactive project called Every Noise at Once is about to devour the rest of your day.


Kotaku Asks: The Lead Developers Of Dragon Age: Inquisition @ io9

Three top people from BioWare, one of the world's most acclaimed RPG studios, are here to answer your questions this afternoon.


This Is Your New Star Wars Canon... So Far @ io9

With the Expanded Universe obliterated, the Star Wars canon is looking a little thin at the moment. Still not sure what goes where? Here's a new official infographic that shows you where the books, movies, and TV series all fall.


What I Like (And Don't Like) In Final Fantasy XV So Far @ io9

It's been three weeks since I first played through the demo for Final Fantasy XV, a video game about what will happen to One Direction now that Zayn's gone. So I've had plenty of time to digest.


Watch Today's Historic Launch To The ISS, Live Right Now! @ io9

Today at 12:42 p.m. PDT/3:42 p.m. EDT, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is scheduled to begin his year-long journey to the International Space Station — a voyage which, if successful, will surpass the U.S. record for longest-duration human spaceflight by more than 100 days.


io9 March Madness Final 4: Trek vs. Doctor Who, Marvel vs. Star Wars! @ io9

Today are the semifinals for io9's March Madness: Movies vs. TV. That means it's time to make picks for the grand showdown on Monday. So who's going to be? Star Wars or the Marvel movies? Doctor Who or Star Trek? Time to vote!


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We're still trying to understand the horrific Germanwings tragedy. But already, some people are suggesting it could have been prevented if a computer had been flying the plane. But that's not the solution. We spoke to an expert about why an A.I. pilot would open up an entirely new set of risks and complications.


Terminator: Genisys Reveals A Brand New Terminator @ io9

You got your evil cyborg T-800s with their metal skulls from the first Terminator movie, then you have the liquid metal T-1000s of Terminator 2 and 3. But this new Genisys TV spot appears to showcase a new Terminator model that young Sarah Connor and her elderly reprogrammed T-800 will have to deal with.


7 Real Life Forms That People Once Believed Were Hoaxes @ io9

The history of science has its share of biological frauds, cases where people fabricated an imaginary organism and passed it off as real, or lied about an organism's behavior. Every now and then, however, a creature that is suspected of being a hoax turns out to be real.


Daredevil + 12 more movies and shows hitting Netflix in April @ Blastr

Every month, Netflix makes changes to its always-popular streaming service, and every time they do, we like to give you a little roundup of the sci-fi, fantasy and horror films and shows for you to binge. This month is particularly noteworthy, not just because we've got a good crop of movies and shows, but because one of them is Daredevil, Netflix's first original series from Marvel Studios, which will lead to four more (that we know of) and set up a new section of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Daredevil will no doubt be taking up a lot of your watching time in April, but it's far from the only thing out there. We've got several acclaimed horror films hitting Netflix, along with three Leprechaun films, an acclaimed AMC drama and more.

Check out this April's new genre additions to Netflix in the gallery below.

(Via Vulture)

Here's our first look at the new Star Wars Rebels prequel comic Kanan: The Last Padawan @ Blastr

The newest Star Wars comic from Marvel is Kanan: The Last Padawan, written by Greg Weisman and illustrated by Pepe Larraz. The new series will explore the origins of Star Wars Rebels’ very own Jedi cowboy, Kanan Jarrus. The Last Padawan will explain how a young Padawan by the name of Caleb Dume survived Order 66 and eventually became the rebel hero we’ve all come to know and love.

Have a look at a few preview pages that show Kanan take on the separatist droid army during the Clone Wars, as well as a couple of very cool variant covers from issue #1, in the gallery down below. Here is a synopsis for the upcoming new series:

Kanan Jarrus--in STAR WARS REBELS, he’s a cocky, sarcastic renegade fighting against the Galactic Empire alongside the rag-tag crew of the Ghost...but years before, at the height of the Clone Wars, he was known as Caleb Dume, Jedi Padawan under the instruction of Jedi Master Depa Billaba. Neither master nor apprentice ever suspected that the Clone Troopers they commanded would turn on them upon the issuing of Order 66—the order to execute all Jedi. How did Caleb Dume survive? How did he learn to survive on his own? And how did he become the man we know as Kanan Jarrus? Writer Greg Weisman (writer/executive producer on STAR WARS REBELS, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN) and artist Pepe Larraz (DEADPOOL VS. X-FORCE, THOR, INHUMAN) bring us a tale bridging the years between the Clone Wars and Rebels!

Kanan: The Last Padawan will hit comic-book store shelves on Wednesday, April 1. Will you pick this one up?

(Star via Comic Book Movie)

Four Notorious Fugitives Who Were Caught — And One Who’s Still At Large @ io9

A fugitive can become a folk hero — or a desperate criminal whose acts become more terrifying the higher the stakes become. Sometimes, they can be both at once. Here, we present five different cases of men who managed to elude the law for years, even decades, before finally facing justice ... or not.


This Is What Happens When Dark Matter Collides With Itself @ io9

What happens when dark matter crashes into itself? Some new Hubble observations show that it's not what researchers thought — and that may have some implications for telling us just what dark matter really is.


Walking Dead producer feared Carol would lose fans after THAT scene @ Blastr

Carol Peletier on The Walking Dead has evolved from a woman who apologizes to her husband for not letting him treat her like dirt into a warrior. How tough is she? She was instrumental in taking down Terminus and rescuing her entire group ... while covered in zombie slime. But producer Gale Anne Hurd recently wondered, "Have we actually gone too far?"

Hurd was referring to that gangsta moment when Carol, who was caught stealing guns by young Sam, threatened to tie up the boy and leave him for the walkers to "tear you apart and eat you up while you're still alive." It was a powerful scene, which we have for you below. Creepy, too, because we know that Carol has killed a child before

It turns out it was a plot risk worth taking.

In an interview with MTV, Hurd said, "The fans didn't reject her. And that's just how powerful [actress] Melissa [McBride]'s performance is. You understand where she's coming from, and you also understand she's doing it in order to protect her group."

Carol has in fact become a symbol for former domestic violence survivors, and survivors have reached out to actress McBride with their tales ... much like another famous female protagonist, Ellen Ripley.

Hurd said that Ripley "became an inspiration to women because she was able to go back and face her fear after she had survived the alien encounter in the first film. And in the second film, she went back to save people ... she became the one that was best equipped to survive, and to protect her fellow men and women."

But instead of shying away from Carol, it seems that fans have embraced her. Hurd said, "Carol has become one of the most popular characters on this show, maybe one of the most popular characters on television. But she is not an ingenue. She's tough, she takes care of people, and she does it takes to protect them. … In her own powerful, self-aware, I'm-not-taking-any-s—t kind of way."

Will Carol continue to impress us? We have only one more episode in season five to find out.

Via MTV.

William Gibson After Trying VR: "They Did It" @ io9

After years of speculating about possible futures in his writing, William Gibson recently tried out one the world's contemporary science fictions come true. At TED, he strapped on a Gear VR headset.


Home Is The Cutest Vision Of Colonial Domination You'll Ever See @ io9

In the new kids' animated movie Home, some unbearably cute aliens come to Earth and take our planet away from us, imprisoning the humans in, basically, reservations. And in the process, the movie manages to use cuteness to tell kind of a thoughtful story about imperialists who think of themselves as victims. Spoilers ho...


World Fantasy Awards Art Submissions @ Locus Online

Peter Dennis Pautz, president of the World Fantasy Awards Association, notes that the WF judges “are seeking materials to consider in the Artist category. As always, this seems to be the category with the fewest submissions from either publishers or artists.”

All forms of fantasy qualify;  this category like the others is for work published in 2014.

To be considered for awards, all materials must be received by all five judges and the convention by June 1, 2015:

Gemma Files
313 Richmond St. East #768
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 4S7

Nina K. Hoffman
PO Box 10858
Eugene, OR

Bénédicte Lombardo
50, rue du Clos
77670 Saint Mammes

Bruce McAllister
528 E. Palmyra Avenue
Orange, CA

Robert Shearman
65 Telford Avenue
Streatham Hill
London SW2 4XL
United Kingdom

A copy should also go to:

Peter Dennis Pautz, President
World Fantasy Awards Association
PO Box 43
Mukilteo WA

Packages should be labeled “Promotional materials — not for sale or resale — no commercial value — World Fantasy Awards materials.” Winners will be announced at the 2015 World Fantasy Awards Banquet and Ceremony during the 41st World Fantasy Convention, November 5-8, 2015, at the Saratoga City Center and Saratoga Hilton, Saratoga Springs, NY. (Life Achievement nominees will not be released; the winner will be announced in advance of the banquet.)

Email electronic versions to <>.

See the World Fantasy 2015 page or the World Fantasy 2015 Facebook page for more.


Play Arts Kai Will Turn Boba Fett And The Stormtrooper Into Insane Toys @ io9

We've not seen much of Square-Enix's Play Arts Kai Variant takes on the Star Wars universe, but what we have seen so far has been pretty damn awesome . But now the line is getting even better though,with the addition of these tricked out versions of Boba Fett and the Stormtrooper!


io9 Newsstand: The Best Stories from the Week of March 22 - 28 @ io9

This week's stories are all very personal and focused on a single character's inner life. They vacillate between sweetness and despair and hope and pain.


This Real Estate News Could Be A Massive Walking Dead Spoiler @ io9

I know it sounds crazy, but I promise it's true. It's difficult to explain without discussing the spoiler itself, so please consider this your spoiler warning. Don't click if you don't want to know.


Image of the Day: Ryan Reynolds shows off Deadpool's official costume @ Blastr

Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool. This morning, the actor tweeted a photo of himself dressed as the hero while lying on a bear rug. He wrote, "With great power, comes great irresponsibility. #deadpool #officialsuit @deadpoolmovie" It looks like they've got the character's tone down to a science, and the suit could be ripped from the comics pages.

What do you think of Deadpool's costume?

Deadpool opens in theaters Feb. 12, 2016.

(via Twitter)

The Truth Behind The Million Dollar Space Pen Hoax @ io9

There's a famous legend that America spent millions on the development of a "Space Pen" that writes upside down, while the Russians used a pencil. Here's the truth behind the legend.


On the Hero's Journey, and Actually Choosing To Start @ io9

Good day, Nerds! I wish to put the following question to you; so give it some earnest thought. How many recent (sic) heroic adventure stories actually show the protagonist choose the heroic path? As in, are they deliberately motivated to take action? Alternatively, do their possibly-dire circumstances give them no reason NOT to go for it?


First Pic Of Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool Is Damn Sexy @ io9

Here is the first, official picture of Ryan Reynolds as everyone's favorite anti-hero Deadpool. Looks good. Looks really good. Please, comic lords, let this PG-13 adaptation be filthy.


Ganymede's Bizarre Bulge Baffles Scientists @ io9

There's a strange bulge on the Solar System's largest moon, one that measures 375 miles wide and nearly two miles tall. Scientists aren't entirely sure why it's there or what caused it, but it may have something to do with the Jovian moon's subsurface ocean.


Is The World Ready For Black Mask's "Tube Comics"? @ io9

Black Mask Studios have made a name for themselves over the past few years for trying some interesting ideas with their comic books, but now they're branching out into video with new miniseries adaptations of some of their most popular series, to try and encourage more people to read comics.


​The Enduring Myth Of Star Jelly @ io9

People have always written about star jelly, a gooey substance that appears after meteor showers or sightings of comets. When people are wandering through the woods, or across their lawns, and see some unidentified goo, they generally think, "Ew. Don't step on that. Someone probably just puked it up." When they see it after the news of a major meteor shower they think, "It fell from the stars!"


In the World of Fantasy Literature, David Eddings Is Truly Magic @ io9

No one would ever accuse fantasy author David Eddings of being too complicated. Although he's known for several trilogies and five-part epics, Eddings creates fantasy worlds that seem like Middle-Earth for second graders. So, then, why are they so much damn fun to visit?


Man Forced to Sell His New House Because Comcast Lied to Him @ io9

A software engineer living in Washington state may have no choice but to sell the home he bought last December because, despite repeatedly checking with Comcast before he even considered buying the property, the company just can't (or won't) give him internet service.


The Matrix-esque Short Sundays Will Become A Feature Film @ io9

Short proof-of-concept Sundays video is getting a feature film thanks to Warner Bros. Wonderful, we've had a real dearth ofof virtual reality, "this isn't real", Matrix-like features. If that's what this short film is actually about???


12 Monkeys producer on the 'fate' Cole and Ramse will find back in 1987 @ Blastr

Over the course of its first season, 12 Monkeys has grown into one of the best sci-fi shows you’re probably not watching. So what does the future hold following the latest, massive twist?

Spoilers ahead for Syfy’s 12 Monkeys!

Series co-creator Terry Matalas chatted with Entertainment Weekly about the buzzy Syfy (Corporate owner of Blastr -Ed.) series, and dug into what will happen now that Ramse (Kirk Acevedo) has hijacked the splinter device and shot himself back to Tokyo circa 1987 in an effort to stop Cole (Aaron Stanford). Not surprisingly, Ramse will be doing everything he can to stop Cole in an effort to ensure his son’s existence. 

Also not surprisingly, Cole is ready to do whatever it takes to get Ramse out of the way so he can complete his mission in Tokyo. As we found out last week, this is probably the last jump before the splinter process kills Cole. If the stakes weren’t high enough already, that should do it. Matalas said Ramse is basically a wild card now that he’s thrown himself into the time stream:

"[Ramse’s] first step is to stop Cole from doing anything in 1987. We know in 1987 that Cole is very close to destroying what he believes is the origin of the virus. Ramse, who is a little unhinged and on emotional overdrive, is going to try and stop Cole. Also, there’s a bit of vengeance. He knows Cole gave up he and Elena’s location because that was a place where he and Cole once stayed before. He blames Elena’s death on Cole as well, and sees Cole as the ultimate threat to his son. He’s going to do whatever he can. I don’t think he’s really going in with a blue print as to what to do other than track Cole and stop him."

Matalas also touched on the elephant in the room surrounding that Tokyo trip — exactly how the series will continue (season two is already a go!) now that Cole has seemingly used his final trip. Materials confirmed this is it for Cole under the current deal, but that doesn’t mean fate can’t take things into its own hands (intriguing …) to prolong his journey:

“There are [no measures Cole can take]. If there is more time-jumping in Cole’s future, it’s left up to fate, as you’ll see. Forces stronger than he will have to intervene.”

12 Monkeys airs Friday nights on Syfy. What do you think Cole will find in Tokyo?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

Warner Bros. wins bidding war to bring sci-fi short Sundays to the big screen @ Blastr

The awesome little sci-fi short film Sundays has been lighting up the Internet this week, and in a few years it could be blowing up the box office.

Deadline reports Warner Bros. has won a bidding war to snag the film rights to the short, which is basically The Matrix meets District 9 in regard to vibe. Director and writer Mischa Rozema used Kickstarter to raise approximately $50,000 to bankroll the film, which has the feel of something with a much (much, much) higher budget. Seriously, this guy knows how to rock a shoestring.

The studio is apparently fired up to get this one off the ground quickly, which isn’t much of a shock, considering they fought off Fox and Sony Pictures for the rights. Rezema will apparently be meeting with studio execs in the coming weeks, and a writer could be hired soon after that to help flesh out the concept for feature length.

Here’s the official synopsis, which breaks down some of the major themes:

The end of the world seems like a nightmare to Ben. A memory of a past life that doesn’t belong to him. When Ben starts to remember Isabelle, the only love he’s ever known, he realises she’s missing in his life. An existential descent into confusion and the desperate need to find out the truth begins. This reality depicts a stunning, surprising and dark world. A world that is clearly not his.

Check out the original short film below just in case you missed it as it took over the Internet the past week or so:

Do you think Sundays will be a good fit for the big screen? What do you want to see more (or less) of from the concept?

(Via Deadline)

This Biohacker Used Eyedrops To Give Himself Temporary Night Vision @ io9

A team of biohackers from California successfully induced a temporary sense of night vision by injecting a simple chemical cocktail directly onto the eye. Incredibly, it allowed them to see over 160 feet in the dark for a brief period of time.


Deadspin Woman Who Protested Oregon Accessing Rape Victim's Records: I'm Fired | Gawker Woman Jailed @ io9

Today's Best Deals: Thermapen, Moto 360, Fitbit, and More @ io9

Kick off your weekend with Friday's best deals.


Surprise! This Is Your GIF Party @ io9

Outfit your GIFs in their fanciest party clothes and put their favorite soundtracks on a continuous loop, because it's time to celebrate. Celebrate what you ask? You, your GIFs, and another week wrapping itself up.


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