Hugo Awards Voting Deadline This Weekend @ Locus Online

The 2016 Hugo Awards voting closes Sunday, July 31, 2016, 11:59 PM PDT (Monday, August 1, 2016, 2:59 AM EDT; 7:59 AM BST; 4:59 PM AEST). You need to be a member of MidAmeriCon II to be eligible to vote. More information about voting can be found at the MidAmeriCon II site.

Jared Leto Loves Atlas Shrugged, Because Of Course He Does @ io9

In the latest “surprise no surprise” revelation about Suicide Squad’s Joker, turns out the actor behind him has the most predictably unpredictable taste in books.


Open Channel: What's Your Harry Potter-verse Job? @ io9

It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure of wizarding proportions.


Tarantino's Suicide Squad is the Greatest Team-Up We'll Never See @ io9

I’m pretty sure we’re all aware that Suicide Squad is a thing and, yes, it looks like it could be awesome. But what if it were brought to you by the one-and-only Quentin Tarantino? Well, then I think it would be too awesome and we would all explode in a giant fireball of awesomeness.


It's Official: Game of Thrones Ends After Season 8 [Updated] @ io9

The night is dark and full of terrors, also sadness. HBO has confirmed that Game of Thrones’ eighth season will be its last.


Watch A Robot Possibly Discover Weird Shit on The Ocean Floor @ io9

Space may be called the “final frontier” but what about unexplored areas that are on our very own Earth?


HBO's Westworld Finally Gets a Release Date @ io9

It feels like we’ve been waiting for HBO’s Westworld forever. The science fiction western/Firefly with robots was originally supposed to come in 2015, then 2016, then maybe 2017. We recently learned it was definitely coming in October 2016, but now we know exactly when. HBO has unveiled its fall release calendar and here’s when Westworld premieres this year: Sunday, Oct. 2 at 9pm.


Take a Look at Tessa Thompson's Sweet Thor: Ragnarok Sword @ io9

We’re loving Tessa Thompson’s addition to Thor: Ragnarok as the badass warrior Valkyrie, and now we’ve got a look at her (possible) weapon.


Kiefer Sutherland Confirms New Flatliners is Actually a Sequel @ io9

It’s been a week of surprising sequels. First, The Woods was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con to be a continuation of the Blair Witch saga. Now, Kiefer Sutherland has confirmed the Flatliners “reboot” is actually a sequel.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Comes Out Tonight And Everyone's Freaking Out @ io9

You wouldn’t think a play in book form would be the most-anticipated novel of the year, and yet here we are. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 & 2, the printed script of the West End play, debuts at midnight Sunday and the world is going nuts.


Saturday's Best Deals: Biscuits, DJI Phantom Bundle, Charging Cables, Knives @ io9

A fantastic DJI Phantom bundle, cooking gloves, and a drop biscuit pan lead off Saturday’s best deals.


John Jacobis met the Ice Queen on this week's Killjoys @ Blastr

This episode is all about family, in many different forms.

Turns Out Killer Croc Wasn't Suicide Squad's First-Choice Monster @ io9

It looks like Killer Croc originally had some steep competition to be on the Suicide Squad. If things had been different, we would’ve gotten an entirely different monster on the team.


You Can Watch 8 Minutes Of That Cheesy Mr. Robot Horror Film Online @ io9

The previous episode of Mr. Robot finally gave us an origin story for the F Society, specifically where the group got its weird, Monopoly Man-inspired mask that has become its symbol—it comes from a fake 1980s horror film that you can watch online.


The Next Avengers Movie Is Called Infinity War, But We Don't Know About the One After That @ io9

In May 2018, the Avengers are going to have an Infinity War. A year after that though, we now have no idea what they’ll be doing. Marvel just clarified a rumor that had been circling for several months : its previously announced two-part Infinity War movie is no more.


John Carpenter wins plagiarism lawsuit against Luc Besson over Escape from New York 'rip-off' @ Blastr

French filmmaker Luc Besson's movie Lockout was apparently a little too close for comfort to Carpenter's classic.

These Are the Four Stages of Your Brain on Math @ io9

Have you ever wondered what your brain is really doing as you sweat your way through a math test? Now you can see for yourself, thanks to a new brain imaging study from Carnegie Mellon University that captured the brain activity of people in the act of solving math problems.


Marvel's Kevin Feige on why the 3D is actually worth it for Doctor Strange @ Blastr

When it comes to 3D in movies, you typically either love it or hate it. But, regardless of your preference, it sounds like it might be worth taking the plunge for Doctor Strange

DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee on why Rebirth is definitely not a reboot @ Blastr

Marvel Comics has turned the non-reboot “reboot” into an art form these days, and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee has opened up to provide some additional context about the publisher’s ongoing Rebirth relaunch.

Benedict Cumberbatch Says a Journey From Fact to Faith Is at the Heart of Doctor Strange @ io9

Rarely do characters go through as dramatic a change as Stephen Strange will in the upcoming Marvel movie, Doctor Strange. He’ll go from being a highly clinical, science-based surgeon to an ethereal, mystical being. Speaking with io9, actor Benedict Cumberbatch explained why that was so crucial and exciting.


Here Are the Different Fight Scene Styles Used in the Bourne Movies @ io9

Here Are the Different Fight Scene Styles Used in the Bourne Movies

I’m still not entirely sure we needed another Matt Damon Bourne movie after not having one for nearly a decade, but we’re getting one this weekend. It’s probably not going to be as good as the original trilogy. That’s why it’s nice to look back on the three Bourne flicks that were actually good. Specifically, their fight scenes.


Wonder Woman’s legacy remains strong with comic book creators and fans 75 years later @ Blastr

Comic creators and fans spoke to us at San Diego Comic-Con about Wonder Woman and her impact.

The Chanels Are Back and Bitchy as Ever in This New Scream Queens Promo @ io9

In a promo entitled “We’re back, idiot hookers,” Scream Queens assures one and all that nuclear-strength mean-girl mojo will still be a major part of the Ryan Murphy horror comedy’s second season—even if circumstances have changed for the catty trio since leaving their killer-plagued sorority house.


The Horrifying Reason Siberia Is Dealing With an Anthrax Outbreak @ io9

In a news report that could easily be the plot of a cult horror movie, an anthrax outbreak has swept the remote Yamalo-Nenets district of western Siberia, killing 1,500 reindeer since Sunday. According to NBC News, authorities think the outbreak began when some zombie anthrax thawed out of an infected reindeer corpse and woke up.


How the cast and crew of The 100 deal with another nuclear meltdown @ Blastr

Blastr interviews The 100 creator Jason Rothernberg and cast about what's in store for Season 4.

Teens can fly in first trailer for James Patterson's young adult dystopia Maximum Ride @ Blastr

If you’re looking for a new young adult sci-fi franchise to fill the void now that Divergent is apparently heading to the small screen, how about something with winged teens?

Image(s) of the Day: Square Enix's freaky Batman/Two-Face action figure mashup @ Blastr

Here's a look at a bizarre Batman and Two-Face action figure mashup that might give you nightmares.

Black holes are getting their close-up @ Blastr

Imagine if this was a real photo.

Photographing dead stars could be possible with a mind-blowing new algorithm. 

The Uncharted Movie Is Once Again Being Charted With a Brand New Writer @ io9

Rumbling about a movie based on the hit game series Uncharted have come and gone over the years. So it’s no surprise that now, hot off the heels of the latest game, the film adaptation is gearing up once again.


Watch a Katana Bend When It Hits Liquid @ io9

Watch a Katana Bend When It Hits Liquid

In order to harden the edge of steel, swords are often heated until they’re impossibly hot and then quenched in liquid to rapidly cool down. This creates a much stronger grain structure in the steel which obviously leads to a much stronger sword. An interesting thing that happens during this quenching process is how the sword dramatically bends before it snaps back into shape (with a slight upward tilt).


Talking Tricia Helfer and Lucifer Season 2 with showrunner Joe Henderson @ Blastr

Tricia Helfer and Aimee Garcia join the cast of Lucifer, and showrunner Joe Henderson talks about how their characters' arrivals stirs the pot in Season 2. 

Astronaut Academy, a.k.a. 'Harry Potter in Space,' Gets Optioned for TV and Film @ io9

“It’s Harry Potter in space,” says producer Vivek J. Tiwary and really, that’s all he needs to say. That short sentence is enough to get people interested in Astronaut Academy, a comic series by Dave Roman that Tiwary just optioned to make into both a TV show and movie.


Overwatch Fans Have Turned Soldier 76 Into A Dad @ io9

Most Overwatch characters are not related to each other, but as far as the community is concerned? The roster might as well be a big ‘ol family. Soldier 76, with his grumpy gruffness and ample experience in the field, is of course the dad.


Babylon 5‘s Mr. Garbaldi, Jerry Doyle, 1956-2016 @ Sci-Fi Storm

I was sadly notified yesterday that actor-turned-radio show host Jerry Doyle, who played Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5, passed away suddenly at the age of 60, which has been confirmed by his family. The cause of death has not been determined.

After Babylon 5, he turned his eye on politics. A staunch conservative, he ran for the U.S. House of Representatives as a Republican in 2000, but spent little money on the campaign and only received 30% of the vote. He then became a nationally syndicated radio talk show host. He also created the website and podcast Epic Times.

Babylon 5‘s creator J. Michael Straczynski released a statement on his death.

Babylon 5 has lost many of its cast members far too soon, having already lost Andreas Katsulas, Richard Biggs, Michael O’Hare, and Jeff Conaway.

Tom Holland Hints at How Captain America: Civil War Affects Spider-Man Homecoming @ io9

Fans who weren’t in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con last week haven’t seen it yet, but the first footage from Jon Watts’ Spider-Man Homecoming was excellent: it’s got an upbeat, ‘80s high school vibe with one very surprising moment for Peter Parker, which we asked star Tom Holland about.


Unpublished, fossil-hunting Michael Crichton novel Dragon Teeth set for release in 2017 @ Blastr

Despite his tragic death in 2008, the man behind such sci-fi classics as Jurassic Park and The Andromeda Strain has left behind (at least) one more manuscript: Dragon Teeth.

io9 Review: The Killing Joke Movie Is Stuck in the Worst Parts of the Past @ io9

The biggest problem with The Killing Joke movie’s portrayal of Batgirl goes beyond a poor approach to a female character. Its biggest problem is that what it adds to Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s original 1988 comic is so pointless, that its shoddy treatment of Barbara Gordon becomes all the more insulting.


Watch a Guy Chop Down a Tree and Make a Longbow Out of It @ io9

Watch a Guy Chop Down a Tree and Make a Longbow Out of It

Chop a tree. Wait three years. And then you can make yourself a longbow.


New company aims to create the satellite infrastructure for private space race @ Blastr

Humanity still has a lot of legwork to do before we can start kicking around the solar system, and one problem we’re looking to solve is actually getting the infrastructure up there to support all those eventual spacecraft. Well, Audacy is looking to solve that problem.

Agents of SHIELD Alum Adrianne Palicki Joins Seth MacFarlane's Scifi Comedy Show @ io9

Anyone who was holding his or her breath for the return of Adrianne Palicki’s Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse to Agents of SHIELD—especially since spin-off Marvel’s Most Wanted didn’t get picked up—should probably exhale. Palicki has a new gig alongside Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane, who’s branching into live-action TV.


CEO of Soylent Charged For Building Trash-Filled 'Experimental Living Facility' in LA @ io9

The CEO of Soylent is disrupting neighborhoods now, and the neighbors aren’t too happy. Rob Rinehart founded Soylent because he wanted to create a product that would provide coders with an easy meal replacement. But his latest product is getting some unwanted attention from the police.


Watch: IDW's new ROM series to expand Space Knight mythos @ Blastr

The galaxy's greatest Space Knight is back.

A French Court Has Officially Deemed Luc Besson's Lockout a Rip-Off of Escape From New York @ io9

A French court has ruled that Luc Besson’s 2012 film Lockout, starring Guy Pierce, was plagiarized from John Carpenter’s 1981 film, Escape From New York. As a result, Besson will have to pay Carpenter almost a half-million dollars.


These Deep Trenches on Mars Aren't What We Thought They Were @ io9

The surface of Mars is lined with mysterious deep-carved trenches. A long-standing theory suggesting that the were left long ago by flowing rivers was just debunked. So where did these trenches come from?


The Walking Dead's Khary Payton on how Shiva is 'the beginning and the end' for Ezekiel @ Blastr

I think it's safe to say fans went wild when iconic Walking Dead book character Ezekiel and his beloved pet tiger Shiva made their hotly anticipated debut in the first Season 7 trailer for AMC’s hit zombie drama during this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con. 

Marvel Has a New, Different Explanation for How Its TV and Movies Are 'All Connected' @ io9

It’s a not-so-secret-secret that the universes of Marvel’s film’s and TV shows are drifting further apart from each other. Directors , producers , and actors alike have begun to speak out about the drift, but now Marvel says they never actually meant “It’s All Connected” quite like you thought they did.


ThinkGeek Brought Back Their Summer Sale with Up to 60% Off @ io9

Once again, the geekiest of destinations, ThinkGeek, is having a massive sale. If you didn’t stock up on everything geekdom has to offer, now’s your chance. Grab up to 65% off all your geek essentials, like a Pac-Man Ghost lamp, Star Trek pajamas, even a Han Solo in Carbonite rug.


Awkwardly Embrace Life With the Gif Party @ io9

It’s Friday, show us how things are with your gifs!


What Happened to WikiLeaks? @ io9

WikiLeaks has hit rock bottom. Once dedicated to careful vetting and redaction—sometimes too much redaction—the “whistleblower site” is now gleefully basking in its dump of thousands of emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee—most of which are full of personal, non-newsworthy information—published with the express intent of harming Hillary Clinton’s political campaign. In this latest release, there is no brave whistleblower in sight, just an anonymous hacker believed by the FBI and U.S. intelligence community to be a front for Russian intelligence services. The WikiLeaks project has fallen far from the lofty heights of its founding a decade ago, when Julian Assange promised to “facilitate safety in the ethical leaking movement.”


Humanity Finally Travels to Mars in Ron Howard's New Half-Scifi, Half-Documentary TV Series @ io9

This November, the National Geographic Channel will take audiences into outer space in a way we haven’t seen before. From producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer comes Mars, a six-part TV miniseries that blends documentary and science fiction to dramatize humankind’s first trip to Mars in 2033—and io9 is proud to exclusively debut the first trailer.


Matt Damon battles a monster in first fiery trailer for The Great Wall @ Blastr

Legendary has released the first trailer for their upcoming monster movie, The Great Wall.

Who Won the Week Episode 35: Star Trek - Beyond, Discovery, and more! @ Blastr

Our weekly podcast returns to its regular schedule with a talk about all things Trek - the new movie, the upcoming series, and more!

All 58 Stephen King Movie and TV Series Adaptations, Ranked @ io9

No contemporary author has seen his work made into more movies and TV shows than Stephen King (and many more, like The Dark Tower, are in the works). The fact that he’s astonishingly prolific is certainly a contributing factor—as is the fact his works, horror and otherwise, tend to feel cinematic even on the page. But which of these many, many adaptations reigns supreme?


Legends of Tomorrow will meddle with history, dig into the Justice Society in Season 2 @ Blastr

The first season of The CW's Legends of Tomorrow was a big, fun, crazy, ambitious mess — and in its own weird way — it totally worked. But, it sounds like they’ll be shaking up the formula a bit in Season 2.

Barack Obama Does Not Approve of the Suicide Squad @ io9

He probably doesn’t approve of the bizarre hijinks they got around to on the set of the movie either , but for now, let’s stick to the comic book version of America’s incumbent President.


Batman's not the only Justice League member in Suicide Squad @ Blastr

Ahead of the film’s official opening next weekend, Warner Bros. has dropped the full cast list for Suicide Squad … and it includes a surprise or two.

Larry the Lobster Rescued From Restaurant, Dies Getting Shipped to Aquarium @ io9

Animal rights activists were appalled when they learned that a 15-pound, 100-year-old lobster was about to become someone’s dinner in Florida. So they organized to “rescue” it and deliver it to an aquarium in Maine. They even gave it a name: Larry.


Everything We Know About Thanos in the Marvel Universe, According to Thor @ io9

During Marvel’s Comic-Con movies panel, the lucky people inside the Hall H got to see a mockumentary about how Thor spent his time during Captain America: Civil War. One of the things he did was set up a conspiracy theory wall, like all good detectives do. Thanks to Thor: Ragnarok Taika Waititi, everyone can now see the Thanos part of the wall.


Today's Best Deals: Over-Ear Headphones, Lodge Dutch Oven, ExOfficio Underwear @ io9

AKG headphones, a 2-in-1 Lodge dutch oven, and the most popular underwear lead off Friday’s best deals.


A New Michael Crichton Novel, About Paleontology's 'Bone Wars', Will Be Published @ io9

A New Michael Crichton Novel, About Paleontology's 'Bone Wars', Will Be Published Image: Crichton in 2002, Frederick M. Brown / Stringer/Getty Images

Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton passed away in 2008, but his found the manuscript for a novel titled Dragon Teeth in his archives, which will be released next year. It is apparently complete enough to be published without major editing or the publisher hiring another writer to finish the novel.


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