Let's Talk About Tonight's Walking Dead Finale, Shall We? @ io9

Well, it was a mid-season finale. The Walking Dead likes to save its major events for premieres and finales. So although we knew the Negan/Rick conflict wasn’t even close to over, and—hmm? What? You just want to talk about that last-minute shocker? Yeah, okay.


Claire and Jamie weather the storm in Outlander 3.13 @ Syfy Wire

Spoiler Warning: The following discusses detailed plot points from the season 3 episode, “Eye of the Storm.” If you haven’t had a chance to watch the episode yet, go back through the stones and return once you have.

We’ve now got scientific proof earthworms could thrive in Martian soil @ Syfy Wire

Human existence on Mars could depend on creepy crawlies, but this time it’s not aliens.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: An actually enjoyable movie?!? @ Sci-Fi Storm

The Cast of JumanjiColor me surprised…if you are looking for a movie to see other than Star Wars: The Last Jedi before the end of the year, you should consider Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It was a very enjoyable, laugh out loud funny film. And I didn’t expect that at all.

What did I expect? Ever since it was announced with the cast, I was thinking it would be worth watching maybe when it came to cable. Not because I didn’t like the cast – I’ve enjoyed watching Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in most everything, and of course there’s Karen Gillan, and throw in the comedic talents of Jack Black and Kevin Hart – but it was going to be a sequel to the original Jumanji film that starred the late Robin Williams, and I couldn’t see how anyone could do a film in the style of Robin Williams without him. But I was able to attend an advanced screening of the movie (a rare thing since I don’t live anywhere near where movies traditionally premiere), and what I saw was a different style of film that paid tribute to the original and Williams himself, but stood on its own playing on the different strengths of the cast members.

Quick plot description – these are not spoilers of you’ve seen the trailers…in 1996, there is another disappearance in the town of Bratford. A teenager found a copy of Jumanji, but it transforms itself into a video game cartridge, which he begins to play and disappears.

20 years later, four high school teens (of a somewhat stereotypical “Breakfast Club” group – a nerd, a jock, a hot girl, and an awkward girl) while serving detention come across a game console with the Jumanji cartridge still in it, and turn it on. They select their game characters (of generally opposite characteristics to themselves), and are transported into the game and into their chosen characters. They then must figure out and win the game – before they run out of lives.

The plot itself was generally predictable, as was some of the dialog. However, it was the execution that really made this movie good. It was the actors, playing video game characters that you could see each playing, but playing them as the complete opposite – Johnson playing a geek playing the strong, smouldering hero-type, Gillan playing an awkward girl playing the Tomb Raider-esque martial artist, Hart playing the jock playing the hero’s valet, and Black playing the hot girl playing the (male) archaeologist – is what really made this movie. Of course, that last part also allowed for some humorous dialog revolving around the male anatomy, but it IS rated PG-13.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle opens Wednesday, December 20th – just 5 days after Star Wars: The Last Jedi. So to help you recover from the shock of that movie, catch this film to pick you back up.

How the most distant black hole ever could rewrite the history of the universe @ Syfy Wire

Supermassive black holes lurk in every galaxy. As if their voracious appetite for matter and insane gravitational forces weren’t enough to make them as fascinating as they are terrifying, this one could tear apart everything we think we know about the early universe.

The First Look at the Sense8 Finale Special Is As Heartwarming As You'd Expect @ io9

Sense8 is a special show, dedicated in a way almost no other modern television series has been to the inter-connectivity shared between people across countless differences. It has always had, at its core, an exceptional warmth. It’s no surprise, then, that the first sneak peek at the upcoming finale special is…


The Last Jedi and Game of Thrones have more in common than we thought @ Syfy Wire

It's that time of year again. Time for a new Star Wars movie. With The Last Jedi only days away from hitting theaters and we just learned about a Star Wars / Game of Thrones connection. And it's more than Gwendoline Christie's feelings about Captain Phasma's armor.

Here's An Exclusive Look at the Psychedelic Apocalypse of New Image Series Prism Stalker @ io9

Vep is a refugee in a terrible insect-driven colony, forced into servitude in a horrific alien landscape. In Prism Stalker, she’ll discover more about that awful world. And we’ll see if there’s anything she can do to change it.


The hit indie comic 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank pays homage to 23 classic movies @ Syfy Wire

If you enjoy spotting easter eggs and tips of the cap to all types of movies and other pop culture touchstones, then 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank is the series for you. If you enjoy your coming-of-age teen comedies blended with compelling family dynamics and thrilling crime story elements, then 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank is the series for you.

Luke Skywalker meets his toughest foe yet: Stephen Colbert @ Syfy Wire

If there's one thing we all love about Mark Hamill, it's his complete willingness to do anything to please Star Wars fans. Whether it's giving a sick kid a one in a million day or appearing in a skit with Star Wars uberfan Stephen Colbert.

Ready Player One writer teases book sequel and reveals secrets of the new movie @ Syfy Wire

As the world celebrated the new Ready Player One trailer, author Ernest Cline sat down at Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas to discuss the trailer and film.

The film based on Cline's Ready Player One novel about a boy who enters a virtual world to escape his real life was announced way back in 2015. But now as the film's release approaches, Cline sat down with Scott Wampler of Birth Movies Death to discuss the trailer and upcoming film.

Exclusive: Harvey Kurtzman's Marley's Ghost character designs. Plus: An exclusive holiday playlist @ Syfy Wire

Imagine a world where Ebenezer Scrooge existed in the same universe. It almost happened in the 1950s, sort of, when MAD Magazine creator Harvey Kurtzman set about adapting Charles Dickens’ holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, as Marley's Ghost, a long-form comic and predecessor of the graphic novel.

5 ways in which The Shape of Water subverts the classic monster movie tropes @ Syfy Wire

The Shape of Water is yet another example of Guillermo del Toro's penchant for turning history into fantasy.

Live forever in Netflix's new Altered Carbon Trailer @ Syfy Wire

What if you didn't really die? That's the question the new trailer for Netflix's Altered Carbon explores.

Warner Bros. box office tops 2 billion on strength of Wonder Woman, It, and Justice League @ Syfy Wire

While Disney is likely to end up the overall box office winner of 2017, Warner Bros. is the first to cross the $2 billion mark for 2017 which makes it their best year since 2009 when they earned $2.13 billion. 

Virtual Reality is Power in the Second Trailer for Ready Player One @ io9

At an event today in Austin, Ernest Cline and the crew of the Ready Player One debuted the film’s second trailer.


Join the fight to save the OASIS in the new trailer for Ready Player One @ Syfy Wire

In a special live event broadcast from the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Austin, Texas, author Ernest Cline debuted the first trailer for Ready Player One.

Ever since we found out that Cline's popular science fiction novel Ready Player One was getting an adaptation by Steven Speilberg way back in 2015, we've been waiting for this very moment. Ok, so that moment will come in March 2018. But for now, the new trailer for the film is here.

Death Isn't The End in the New Trailer for Altered Carbon @ io9

In the new trailer for Altered Carbon, the wealthiest man in the world has been murdered. And now he’s hiring someone to find out why.


Could there be a subsurface ocean on Pluto? @ Syfy Wire

With vaporous plumes shooting out from supposed hydrothermal vents deep beneath its frozen surface, which is probably hiding an ocean swimming with strange microbes, Enceladus is currently in the spotlight as the ocean world scientists are impatient to probe. But then there’s Pluto.

Wait. What was that about a hypothetical ocean on Pluto?

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Some absurdly expensive gifts you'd die to own @ Syfy Wire

We've all been shopping and seen something cool ... then looked at the price tag and gotten a fresh slap of reality. After picking ourselves up off the floor and double-checking our sparse bank account, we inevitably put the item back on the shelf or close the browser window and tell ourselves, "Someday I'll be able to afford that."

Sunday's Best Deals: Amazon Devices, Star Wars Games and Toys, Travelpro Luggage, and More @ io9

Luggage to get you through holiday travel, Amazon devices for basically everyone, Star Wars and Star Trek Gold Boxes, and more lead Sunday’s best deals.


The Internet's Having Some Fun With Ready Player One's New Poster @ io9

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One adaptation got its first poster this weekend and there’s something a little off about it. Namely actor Tye Sheridan’s left right leg which seems to stretch on into infinity.


The First Impressions for Star Wars: The Last Jedi Are Overwhelmingly Good @ io9

Last night, the Hollywood premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi marked the first time anyone outside of Disney and Lucasfilm got a chance to see Rian Johnson’s long-awaited eighth mainline Star Wars film. (And John Boyega made it after all!) Now, responses have flooded in on social media from attendees, and they’re…


Amazon Just Launched Its Final Wave of Device Deals, and Some Are Better Than Black Friday @ io9

We thought Amazon was just about done with discounts on their own gadgets for the year, but a bunch of new deals launched this morning, some of which are actually better than Black Friday.


The first Twitter reactions to The Last Jedi are here and guys, Rian Johnson may have made the best Star Wars of all time @ Syfy Wire

After all this time, we finally know whether Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi is worthy of the Star Wars name, but it looks like we have nothing to worry about.

Who wore it best, Phasma or Tarth? Gwendoline Christie weighs in at Last Jedi premiere @ Syfy Wire

There was plenty of geeking out at the red carpet premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in Los Angeles, not only by fans, but by the cast as well.

The tears of Kelly Marie Tran over Star Wars gives us hope @ Syfy Wire

As the stars hit the Crait carpet at the Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere in Los Angeles, one particular cast member couldn't contain her tears of joy. And honestly, who could blame her?

Visit the planet, Crait, on the red carpet for The Last Jedi @ Syfy Wire

Star Wars fans from across the galaxy flocked to the Shrine Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles Saturday night for the world premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. John Boyega even used the Force to make sure he got there.

The Last Jedi premiere will be the first time an audience has seen the finished movie @ Syfy Wire

Star Wars: The Last Jedi may be one of the most anticipated movies of 2017, but it hasn't been seen by a regular-sized audience ... until tonight, that is. Speaking on the movie premiere's red carpet in Los Angeles, producer Ram Bergman said he was both nervous and excited to screen the film before a major crowd.

X-Men filmmakers look back at what went wrong @ Syfy Wire

As we move forward in the X-Men franchise, we do know one tidbit about the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix film to get excited about: X-Men in space. And director Simon Kinberg also intends to bring back more of what fans love about the franchise (and got tons of in Logan): emotion.

San Diego Comic-Con has won its trademark lawsuit against Salt Lake Comic Con @ Syfy Wire

A federal jury has ruled against Salt Lake Comic Con in a case brought by San Diego Comic-Con concerning their trademark of the words “comic con," which likely throws a wrench into the numerous conventions that have also adopted the term.

Mark Hamill Plays A Desperate Luke Skywalker on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert @ io9

Besides the existence of the film itself, the best part about Star Wars: The Last Jedi is that it gives Mark Hamill an excuse to do a tour of late-night promotional appearances. Despite not being able to talk about the movie, Hamill is a consistent delight. His mixture of impressions, anecdotes, and genuine passion…


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is welcomed by critics @ Syfy Wire

The first reviews for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle are out, and things are looking pretty good so far.

Watch artist Glen Keane draw The Little Mermaid in VR @ Syfy Wire

Ariel just wants to be part of our world, and she might soon get her wish, as rumors of a live-action version of The Little Mermaid were floating around this week. But first Ariel is diving into new waters -- virtual reality.

Phantom Tollbooth inches closer to production @ Syfy Wire

Get ready for a live-action adaptation of a book you might remember from childhood. If not, now is the time to pick up a copy. Production on a film based on children's adventure novel The Phantom Tollbooth draws closer as the project has found its director.

Jessica Jones is back on the job with new trailer and release date. @ Syfy Wire

I have no doubt that Jessica Jones would sneer at the sheer level of joy we felt upon seeing the new trailer for Season 2 of Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix, but it's pretty clear she's got a whole lot of things to do before she gets around to kicking our collective butts for being excited.

The First Trailer For Jessica Jones' Second Season Features an Epic Spider-Man Diss @ io9

Netflix’s Marvel shows have a well-documented history not, well, not doing a very good job of trying to connect to the larger MCU. In the first trailer for Jessica Jones’ second season though, everyone’s favorite alcoholic detective calls out Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben in the best possible way.


Visit the "Worlds of the Last Jedi" in this stunning featurette @ Syfy Wire

Can you believe we're less than a week away from the opening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

For some Star Wars fans, it's been a struggle to avoid watching any of the trailers or videos Lucasfilm has released in an effort to remain unspoiled, but this new video will definitely delight fans who want to know more about the worlds we'll see in TLJ.

The Latest The Last Jedi Featurette Showcases the Real-World Locations Behind the Film @ io9

It’s less than a week now, and we’ve likely gotten all the information we’re going to get before The Last Jedi hits theaters. But that doesn’t mean the behind-the-scenes work is any less interesting.


(UPDATED) John Boyega may have no hope of attending the Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere @ Syfy Wire

UPDATE: The Force is strong with John Boyega. The Star Wars: The Last Jedi star tweeted his arrival in Los Angeles at 2:23 pm PST today with much joy and no luggage. Also, judging by the "kmt" at the bottom, Kelly Marie Tran was worried he wasn't going to make it in time.



Jar Jar Binks is secretly one of Star Wars' most important characters @ Syfy Wire

Jar Jar Binks is the misunderstood, unsung hero of the Star Wars saga.

That might seem like an overstatement, but George Lucas created a clear thread of influence for the character from the beginning of Phantom Menace that extends all the way to the end of Return of the Jedi. Taking into account the chronological story of the films, there’s every chance that without Jar Jar’s story thread, the Ewoks might have never gotten into the fight against the Empire on the forest moon of Endor.

Daredevil writer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich to head Netflix's Witcher adaptation @ io9

Earlier this year, Netflix announced that it was developing a TV adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s popular fantasy series The Witcher, with Tomasz Bagiński—a veteran of the Witcher video games—on board to produce and possibly direct at least one episode of the show. Now, the project is very gradually moving forward,…


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Premieres Tonight in LA, And John Boyega is Stranded in Atlanta @ io9

John Boyega’s luck with pilots is, apparently, not quite as good as the character he plays.


The animated Spider-Man film webs up a title and a trailer! @ Syfy Wire

Peter Parker isn't going to be the only big screen web-slinger for long. Though the original Spidey (currently played by Tom Holland) is still the live-action standard in the MCU, Parker's successor Miles Morales is finally coming to movie screens in animated form. Today we have the official title as well as the first trailer. 

Called Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the new movie will invite audiences into a unverse where "more than one wears the mask." 

Author Jim C. Hines on his new Terminal Alliance: Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse @ Syfy Wire

If you love your science fiction served up with a fresh scoop of snark and silly, you can do no better than Michigan-based author Jim C. Hines' latest novel, Terminal Alliance: Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse.

Meet The Big-Screen Miles Morales in First Trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse @ io9

Today, Sony has debuted the first trailer for Lord and Miller’s animated Spider-Man film, starring Miles Morales and very possibly some other Spider heroes along the way.


Z Nation 4.12 Recap: The needs of many outweigh the needs of one @ Syfy Wire

Spoilers ahead for Z Nation's “Return to Mercy Labs,” because hey … it's a TV Recap.

This Weekend's Marvel vs. Capcom Trophy Is A Light-Up Infinity Gauntlet @ io9

Most trophies take the shape of a cup, goblet, or maybe the side of a mountain. For this weekend’s Battle For The Stones, Capcom has opted for a giant replica of Thanos’ gauntlet, complete with light-up infinity stones.


San Diego Comic-Con Wins Lawsuit Over 'Comic Con' Trademark @ io9

In a case that could potentially complicate the lives of comic convention organizers the country over, a federal jury has ruled in San Diego Comic-Con’s favor in a suit brought against Salt Lake Comic Con for violating copyright law with their use of the term “comic con.”


Saturday's Best Deals: Philips Hue Lights, Contigo Travel Mugs, Cooking Essentials, and More @ io9

Today’s deals start off with Philips Hue lights, Contigo travel mugs, kitchen essentials, and many more.


These Tintype Photos of Star Wars Toys Will Make You Nostalgic on Multiple Levels @ io9

With The Last Jedi rapidly approaching, everyone’s been thinking not only of the future of Star Wars, but also of its past.


Encourage Your Loved Ones to Back Up Their Files With These Discounted Hard Drives @ io9

If any of your family members are bad about backing up their files, an external hard drive is one of the best gifts you can give them.


Welcome to Night Vale makes the jump from podcast to TV series @ Syfy Wire

Welcome to Night Vale, the podcast from creators Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, is making it to the small screen. According to Deadline, FX Network has picked it up for a development deal.

Netflix forges ahead with development on The Witcher series; Old Man’s War film @ Syfy Wire

Whatever Disney and other would-be players in the on-demand TV streaming space may have up their sleeves, it doesn’t look like Netflix has any plans to slow its ambitious rollout of new genre programming anytime soon. The streaming giant pushed ahead this week with development on two properties -- one based on monster-hunting fantasy The Witcher, the other on the modern sci-fi classic Old Man’s War.

WATCH: Funko's Holiday Gift Guide, direct from Funko HQ @ Syfy Wire

If you're diligently checking off your gift list and need a few more suggestions to stuff some stockings or add in a little something extra for that someone special, look no further than Funko's expansive catalog of Pop! Vinyls, plushes, Dorbz, action figures, and bobbleheads.

WATCH: Counterpart actors Nazanin Boniadi and Harry Lloyd on working with parallel dimensions @ Syfy Wire

When Nazanin Boniadi and Harry Lloyd were pitched Starz’s upcoming series Counterpart by show creator Justin Marks, the two found themselves attracted to the project starring J.K.

The space-future mysteries deepen in latest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. @ Syfy Wire

ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is hitting the stratosphere this year, and the latest episode digs into the world-building and mystery that Coulson’s team has stumbled upon after getting sucked into a time-traveling monolith. Coulson and the gang still have a whole lot left to learn.

Spoilers ahead for “A Life Spent,” the latest episode of ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which aired Friday, Dec. 8, 2017!

The future is a scary place.

2017 Gift Guide: Beam up these great Star Trek gifts @ Syfy Wire

If you have Star Trek fans in your life, SYFY WIRE’s latest holiday gift guide will help you navigate the Delta Quadrant of Christmas shopping for some awesome goodies.

Report: Producer disagreement led to Netflix overseas deal for Annihilation @ Syfy Wire

Reportedly, the reason that Paramount Pictures is letting Netflix distribute the upcoming Annihilation film overseas may not be the one that was first announced.

Stuff We Love: This video explains why your favorite D20 actually sucks @ Syfy Wire

Even though I consider myself a gamer, I never seriously contemplated dice beyond praying to whoever my mage worshiped as I rolled her way to safety or sudden death. But this lecture below, by Louis Zocchi, owner of GameScience, changed all of that.

The Charismatic Cast of Jumanji Elevates an Otherwise Trivial Action Adventure @ io9

The formula of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle sounds like it can’t miss. Put some big personalities in a gorgeous setting and have them tell funny jokes and perform a lot of action. When those big personalities are played by stars like Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black, the odds of success are even higher.


Objects in Space 12/8: Woman inherits the Earth @ Syfy Wire

December is all about retrospectives, the chance to look at the almost-year we've put in our rearview mirror. Sure, we've had our ups and downs (mostly downs, if we're being honest), but there's still a chance to turn things around (albeit temporarily).

For me, personally, that means The Last Jedi has a lot of work to do in terms of ending the year on a high note. Once again, Star Wars fixes all. Well, Star Wars and these links I've been enjoying:

Everything you need to know about the potential Disney-21st Century Fox mega-deal @ Syfy Wire

So much buzz has surrounded Disney’s possible buy-up of 21st Century Fox that it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. Will Wolverine finally show up in an Avengers movie? Will the Human Torch start kicking it with Captain America?

This Week's Batman Is a Tribute to One of Comics' Greatest Friendships @ io9

Batman and Superman are almost more iconic together than they are as individual heroes. It’s a fabled partnership (and friendship) that reflects the dark and light of DC’s best and brightest, and this week’s issue of Batman explores the sometimes distant intimacy behind it.


Lose yourself in the final Maze Runner: The Death Cure trailer @ Syfy Wire

The final chapter in the Maze Runner saga is finally coming, and that's certainly a relief for fans of the series.

Watch a Legendary Disney Animator Draw Ariel From The Little Mermaid in Virtual Reality @ io9

Glen Keane, son of The Family Circus creator Bil Keane, worked on some of Disney’s most successful modern animated hits, including Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid. But the other night on The Late Late Show with James Corden, he traded his sketch pad and pencils for a 3D controller to paint Ariel


New Star Wars films offer more speaking roles to women and POC actors @ Syfy Wire

Can you hear me now? If you're a woman or person of color in a Star Wars movie these days, chances are the answer is "we're starting to." According to a report from the University of Southern California, the new installments in the popular film franchise are offering huge increases in the number of lines spoken by actors other than white men. 

FX is developing a Welcome To Night Vale show @ io9

Fans of podcast sensation Welcome To Night Vale will soon be able to get their community announcements, otherworldly threats, and reminders to stay out of the dog park via their TVs, with Deadline reporting that the series is being developed for television over at FX. Creators Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink will both…


Official trailer for Alita: Battle Angel arrives in full wide-eyed glory @ Syfy Wire

James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez are hoping to turn the tide in the field of live-action anime. The full trailer and synopsis for their adaptation of the classic manga Gunnm by Yukito Kishiro was released today, bearing the title Alita: Battle Angel.

Logan is one of the best films of the year; where’s its Oscar buzz? @ Syfy Wire

It’s that time of year again. Blockbuster season is over, the dark nights are coming in, and, with the exception of some little-known sci-fi film called The Last Jedi, movie geeks are gearing up for awards season.

Porg Dominance Continues, and More of the Best Toys of the Week @ io9

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's round-up of cool new toys and merchandise. This week, porgs continue their relentless march all over the world, Lego has a fancy new collectors set, and stunningly detailed Ben Afflecks abound. Hide your wallets!


Your library card just unlocked a lot of Marvel: Hundreds of new titles hit public digital library service @ Syfy Wire

Digital comics are awesome, not just because they’re convenient to take with you on whatever e-reader you choose, but they’re also usually much cheaper than their printed companions. That price divide just got even wider as hundreds of Marvel Entertainment comics and graphic novels have now become available for the cost of nothing but a library card.

December 8 in Twilight Zone History: Wishing Happy Birthday to Dewey Martin ('I Shot an Arrow into the Air') @ Syfy Wire

Today, December 8th, This Day in Twilight Zone History wishes a very happy birthday to actor Dewey Martin, who turns 94 today.

A durable leading man of the 1950s, Martin portrayed Corey, an unhinged space jockey in the memorable first season episode "I Shot an Arrow into the Air." Having crashed on what appears to be a lifeless desert planet, Corey does everything he can to defy his commander, Colonel Bob Donlin (Edward Binns); their bickering escalates until it reaches a startling conclusion.

Spoiler Alert: This Game of Thrones VFX Reel Exposes That Dragons, Sadly, Aren't Real @ io9

It doesn’t matter who your favorite Game of Thrones character is, because Tyrion, Sansa, and even Jon Snow are completely over-shadowed whenever Daenerys’ dragons show up in an episode. But despite recent advancements in reviving extinct creatures, this VFX reel by Image Engine reveals how the show brings its true…


The 10 Best Deals Of December 8, 2017 @ io9

We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.


Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is the sci-fi childcare nightmare we never knew we needed @ Syfy Wire

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus is trading in the crossbow and motorcycle of Daryl Dixon for...a baby in a portable incubator attached to his stomach, and a desk lamp/Dinklebot hybrid? 

Who Won the Week Episode 105: Jurassic World 2 trailer, Disney's (probably) buying Fox, and more @ Syfy Wire

Welcome to the latest episode of Who Won the Week, a weekly podcast in which SYFY WIRE staffers Adam Swiderski, Aaron Sagers, and Dany Roth look back at the week that was and the stories that are blowing up the geek-o-sphere.

Behold the Sugar Plum Fairy, First of Her Name, in Our First Look at Disney's Nutcracker Epic @ io9

It looks like The Nutcracker is getting a Game of Thrones-style journey through the lands of gods and men, as Disney has released the first images from next year’s holiday fantasy film, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Winter is here, and so are the sweet treats.


WATCH: 7 essential Star Wars video games @ Syfy Wire

The Star Wars gaming universe is a vast and colorful tapestry of scintillating shooters, RPGs, sims, platform adventures, MMOs, arcade fighters, and survival contests to satisfy the franchise's enormous fanbase.

Gotham City Spends a Preposterous Amount of Money Cleaning up Batman's Messes @ io9

Sean Murphy’s Batman: White Knight is a slow burn of a comic that favors scene setting and world building over huge narrative payoffs from issue to issue. While this week’s issue doesn’t push the series’ plot forward terribly far, it does reveal an interesting tidbit about Gotham’s finances, and a brand-new Joker.


WATCH: Counterpart creator on the art of building parallel dimensions @ Syfy Wire

Following in the footsteps of Fringe and The Man in the High Castle, Starz's upcoming TV series Counterpart will feature parallel worlds.

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